Friday, September 06, 2013

Ups, Downs and Run-Arounds!

Finally! I think the medical team I deal with and I are now on the right trackage!

Because I had surgery three years ago this summer - a hysterectomy -that showed I had cancer and then, had chemotherapy in the fall, early winter of 2010, I have to have checkups every six months with the oncologist at the Cancer Clinic here in Clearfield and also, have to have a CT Scan before those checkups too then.

Back in January, there were some markings that showed on that CT scan but apparently they weren't of a size or location that was a concern to the oncologist. However, in July, when I had my most recent CT scan, one of those markings had changed somewhat so the oncologist then requested I get a PET scan done to kind of hone in on what the markings really were.

The PET scan then showed two "hot spots" -one of which was these markings, plus another spot in a different region of the lower abdomen. So the oncologist then ordered a needle biopsy to be done.

And for the past 2-3 weeks, that where things have stood -that the doctor requested scheduling for this needle biopsy but the staff at the other hospital fairly near to here where it was supposed to be able to get a needle biopsy performed seemed to have an inordinate issue with scheduling that test for me!

I've been on the phone at least once a day as a result, calling the cancer clinic to see if they'd finally been able to get through to the other hospital to get this biopsy set up and nothing was getting accomplished.

Until, finally, today -I got a call from the Cancer Center telling me the other hospital is NOT able to do the needle biopsy required as it involves going in deeper than they are able to do! Took them over 2 weeks to figure that much out?

So the end result it that it will require I go to Pittsburgh then to have this biopsy done down there!

The good side of all this monkeying around is that they said I had to see a gynocology-oncologist and did I know one in Pittsburgh or have a name, etc. It just so happens that the last doctor I dealt with in Pittsburgh just happens to be a gynocology-oncologist and I liked him, very much as a matter of fact, as did my daughter who had met him on one of my appointments with him. So now, sometime in the next couple of weeks or so, it will be off to Pittsburgh that my older daughter and I will go. (She, being my chauffeur, because I have problems driving farther than a distance of about 50 miles or driving longer than an hour at a time -and Pittsburgh is about 125 miles from here or about a 2 1/2 hour drive.)

So now, I'm back on hold -sort of -waiting for them to coordinate a time for an appointment there for me and then, play the waiting game some more till the date of the test finally arrives and can be performed so I can THEN finally find out what issues are present in my system along with what they will have to do to treat them and how soon that will begin.

On the surface right now, it does look like there is a good possibility I will be spending the fall and winter months getting chemotherapy once again and also, that the type of chemo I will most likely receive will also cause my hair to fall out once again. (Or as my son said, "So, it looks like I will be shaving my head again this winter, huh mom? -Yeah, it is kind of looking that way about now anyway, Son! He shaved his head twice before -with each time I was diagnosed with cancer -as his way of showing his support for me then!)

Who know -but maybe by Monday I will get a little more information and will be able to calm myself down a bit knowing there is an appointment and also, that I will get to see Dr. Krivak in Pittsburgh again. Great doctor and very nice man to have in one's court if services like this are needed! So I'm really glad I won't have to go see some strange, new doctor now, at least!

And the merry-go-round that has been my life lately can begin to slow down a little bit now.

Thank goodness for that!

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terri said...

It's just unbelievable that the doctors can't get this coordinated for you in a reasonable amount of time. You'd think getting you in for this biopsy would be top priority! I'm glad at least that you'll get to work with a doctor you know and trust and hopefully he will help keep your treatment and appointments moving in the right direction.