Thursday, September 05, 2013

Let the Music (Noises) Continue...

Well folks, I have quite effectively lost today in terms of actually achieving anything of consequence, getting anything completed!

And trust me now when I tell you this, I am tired of this nonsense!

I am thoroughly disgusted with some of the things going on and the ramifications they have on my life -or "hold" they have on me, perhaps is a better way to describe some of this stuff.

There's still the ongoing issues that are cropping up and some sort of evaporating that pertain to the reverse mortgage process that is active here. Actively driving me nuts is more accurate a description of that deal right now though.

It seems every darned time I turn around there is more stuff the underwriter sees that either simply needs a tad more clarification or, worst case scenario, needs repaired before the mortgage can move, ever so slowly, towards closing.

The other day it was questions about dampness in the basement and perhaps I should have a contractor look at that and give me an estimate to have that corrected. It took a while to get that clarified -and thank you to the individual who did the initial appraisal of my house who was able to explain there is NO problem with dampness per se in this house. Just the normal kind of stuff that frequently occurs in old houses and yes, my house is an old house -like 110 years old this year! And it doesn't have a lot of windows that would allow a little extra sunlight into the basement and yes, it does have that sort of dank, dusky smell to it at times but it is not a problem area that is creating any other headaches or issues -like oh, say mold or some happy crapola like that! So the underwriter finally laid off me on that topic and accepted the appraiser's explanation for having checked the box marked "dampness" in the basement that really isn't existing, as such! ARRGH.

Today, it's another ball game with the underwriter throwing me heavy-duty curve balls ya know to confuse and stymy me. Today, it's the little sort of a lean-to shed my ex-son-in-law erected at the back of the house that provides a little bit of shelter for the kids bikes, along with my garden tools and the lawn mower. Nothing gorgeous -just very functional coverage for things like that but now, the underwriter says that we have to either have a contractor give an estimate for the cost for him to install weatherproofing stuff on the exterior walls of this little lean-to thing or, well my son and my daughter's fiance and I can get a bucket of something that is "sort of like a paint or stain" and put that on the outside wall to weatherize this item! Oh Lord, what next?

Well actually there is some confusion here too as to whether the underwriter is referring just to the lean-to shed or if there is a problem in the future about to erupt pertaining to the deck on the back of the house and the steps from the deck to the ground as he has muttered something apparently to the lady working with my mortgage files that the pictures of the deck and the hand rail "don't really look very sturdy!" Give me a break, will ya please people?

Right now, all these things are flying around in my mind -in a tumult there (a place that really has no room in it for any more tumult to take place as it's already very overcrowded now in that respect! I think someone or something has turned up the volume in my head to play at the highest volume there of some Hal Leonard pro audio equipment or some such and it just makes me think there something going to explode some times with all this stuff going on that I don't know anything about or how to go about getting it corrected or even how to figure out how much it's going to cost me to try to get it corrected too!

Just talked to daughter Mandy and it seems her day is not moving along any smoother than mine is and the end result for her -a dandy migraine headache too!

I do firmly believe that any time any government agency has anything to do with anything pertaining to the averge Joe citizen -especially things about housing and loans and stuff, that those people who work in the jobs created by the government are hired solely for their abilities to make other people's lives a pure, unmitigated hell!

I will be EXTREMELY relieved once, if ever, this whole process comes to be completed and I am then no longer having to deal with confusing crapola such as all of this really is, ya know!

Then I can move on to coping with other situations in my life that are just about as frustrating to contend with too -just different subject there, ya see!

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