Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Busy Season -Getting There!

A good friend of mine -at least I consider him to be that -on the Blog scene has a thing about holidays and celebration of them and that they should all be done in a very timely manner. Anyone who reads my blog and who also reads my friend, Jim Sullivan's blog -(Suldog) knows what I referring to there and this is not going to be my official entry into this year's "Thanksgiving Comes First" observance that Jim presides over because, well it just isn't about that, but instead, this is because Halloween comes before Thanksgiving, ya know!

And this year, since I started selling Avon products again -after a 22 year hiatus -the last campaign, the current one and also the next one after that, all are giving a heavy push on things to help those who like to really go all out for celebrating Halloween really do it all up in style and class!

Maybe this video I got of my son modeling the crazy witches' hat -that wiggles and jiggles and plays the theme song from The Adams Family (the whole way through!) along with bunches of other things that contribute to the spooky, scary aura of Halloween should come under a heading of dept 56 Halloween?

After all, there's jewelry, candles, kid's pumpkin bags, things that whistle, and flash and maybe even go bang in the night (or perhaps during the day too) -who knows -should all probably land under that header, don't 'cha know!

But this -I think -takes the cake!



Unknown said...

I gotta get me one of those. My grandson, Maddux, will love it.

terri said...

I love the hat! Looks like so much fun! And the little trick-or-treaters will probably get a big kick out of it too!