Friday, September 06, 2013

Do It Yourself Storage?

Ask any one who knows me -and has been to my house -what things tend to look like here and odds are, if that person is being truthful, you will learn that usually my house is ANYTHING but neat!

Slowly, I've been working on eliminating some of the collection of rubble to keep it from turning completely into a "hoarders" den (and keep me from being on that TV show then by that name too!)

It's a long drawn-out process to say the least to get on and stay on too, the road to organization!

Now though, since I started selling Avon again, I find myself in possession of yet another item that is nice and yet a bit of a pain in the butt too when you get an overload of them.

And that is boxes! Cardboard boxes that Avon ships my orders in are beginning to accumulate now.

Granted, I can always use a few extra of these things now and again to pack things away in for attic storage perhaps or for a place to put some of the extra Avon products I'll also be accumulating now too from time to time as I order demonstration products most every campaign.

But how and where then to put any boxes I might have with Avon stuff stashed away in them so they will still also be located semi-conveniently for me if a customer requests something in between orders I send in.

I came across this today while playing around on the computer while waiting for a couple different very important phone calls that I needed to be here to take. This is actually an upright bass stand but when I saw it in the photo, my mind went into another gear of something that something along these lines might actually be of use for me and my storage issues.

Got me to thinking a stand like that, maybe could hold a large box of bigger items, and be able to stack some smaller boxes then on top of that and presto magic, I could have my own organized storage place built to my own height specifications and easy to access, also, it would fit in a place on the first floor of my house and not require attic storage -as I want to avoid that particularly for the Avon products - as much as possible since I have way too much difficult using stairs and such and carrying things around.

Might be a bit of a long shot right now but who knows, it's an idea whose time may have arrived for me, anyway!


Sandi McBride said...

You are singing to the choir girl, singing to the choir!!

Travis Cody said...

It's so easy to get carried away with stuff and things. We have a room that needs to be cleared of extra stuff and things, but there always seems to be something that comes up to keep us from actually doing the clearing.

I suspect the things that come up are really not all that important, but it gives us an excuse not to do the work!