Saturday, September 28, 2013

Time to Change Apparel!

My son and his wardrobe are, at times, something to behold!

One thing in particular that he has and that he wears really annoys me though.

He has a pair of Tan-colored Vans that he tends to wear much of the time. And, well there really isn't all that much wrong with the shoes themselves as they don't look too terribly shabby although he's had them and been wearing the heck out of 'em for several years now -but it's the shoe laces on them that bothers me.

What is so difficult that he can't tie the laces?

They drag all over the place and really, he isn't that darned graceful at times that one of these days he's going to trip on those straggly laces, fall flat on his face and possibly break a bone or maybe even more.

Not that I think he needs to have shoes all spiffy-spiffy like these white converse items but I just wish he would take a couple of extra seconds time to neaten up his appearance at least just a little bit!

But then again, that's just my son and it's the way he prefers to dress so who am I to judge whether he's all neat and tidy and looking a bit less like a ragamuffin than he prefers to appear?

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terri said...

I think the trend of NOT tying the laces started back in my teenage years. We would tie a little knot in each end of our laces so they wouldn't pull out of the holes and we could just slip the shoes on and off. I think it's progressed from there!