Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tarzan No Need Rope

How to word this -the thoughts on my mind this morning?

Things here are, to say the least, more than a bit jumbled up once again. Seems to stay that way much of the time but this weekend, there's a bit more drama (maybe it could be termed that?) added into the mix.

It goes sort of like this.

I'm single -well, divorced -but that's single any way you cut it. Have been "enjoying" being single now for 33 years. Thirty-three LOOOONNNNGGG years they have been a times, too. And then, every now and again, there have been a lot of instances over those years where it was kind of nice not being tied down too. Well, those instances have been in abundance -not exactly -but now and then, they were there.

I used to think there was a possibility I might actually meet someone who could accept and maybe even appreciate me for whatever talents I might possess and have an enduring relationship with a mate by my side.

Yeah, for a number of years I was that optimistic about life.

It took a good while for the optimism attitude about relationships to wear off though and pretty much, for the past 15 years now, I've been operating under the principle of there is no need to continue on that search.

After my last relationship -which I foolishly thought was "The One" - and I realized that he was no different than any previous relationships, just a different face, a couple of different words here and there too, but basically, just someone else who only wanted to use me, I decided that I really didn't need that in my life after all.

My older daughter and I always loved the old tv sitcom, "WKRP in Cincinnati" and there is one line from an episode in that sitcom that struck both of us as hysterically funny and also, a line that we frequently incorporate too into our discussions about, well about almost anything at times.

The particular episode was one where there is a fire in the building where the radio station is located and the crew are stuck on I think, the 5th floor, or something like that. The elevator is not working so the crazy disc jockey -Johnny Fever -is going to go down the elevator shaft in an effort to get out and get help for the rest. To do this, they find a rope to help him lower himself down to the top of the elevator in the shaft. As he begins to do this, he suddenly realizes that the elevator is stuck but is only a matter of a foot or two (at most) from the floor where they are all stranded and he turns to someone, after saying that he needed a rope to lower himself and he says "Tarzan no need rope!"

I love this line! And my daughter and I toss it in to many different situations.

And that's what I'm doing right now -telling myself "Tarzan no need rope" and applying that to my life that I don't NEED someone of the opposite sex in my life in order to live a good life after all.

Try it! Try saying that expression to any problem or issue you might encounter and where you think you are doomed, or having a bit of difficulty, and substitute those words in there.

Odds are, it will -for openers -perhaps bring a bit of a smile to your face and being able to do that, enables us (or it does me anyway) to see things in a different vein, sometimes even in a brighter light than before.

Yep! Tarzan no need rope is my line for today -and hence forth, once again too!

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Suldog said...

I've been Tarzan without a rope for most of this year! I do love that line, and I think I will use it as often as possible now that you've reminded me of it :-)