Saturday, September 28, 2013

Encroaching Trees!

This morning, as I was standing out on the deck on the back of the house, enjoying a "wake-up" cup of coffee, I was also enjoying the scenery out in my back yard too.

Although the day is more than a bit on the gray side -no sunshine, just completely overcast -(but no rain, which to me is a bonus) it just struck me how pretty the trees that are growing in my back yard are right now.

Yesterday, as my daughter (Carrie) and I traveled across and down to my doctor's appointment in Mars, PA -which is just north of Pittsburgh -we both noted about how the trees around home are so much more colorful already than are the foliage along Interstate 80 and I-79 South too.

There were a few trees here and there along the highways that had begun to change colors but nothing like it is here!

So, I decided to take a couple pictures of the trees in my back yard -which appear to me to be kind of closing in on my house! (No they aren't really THAT close but, well, it does kind of look like my back yard is a small forest!)

With that in mind, here's some of the photos I took and here's hoping you see the same beauty in these trees as I do -looking out my back door. (Isn't there a song with that line in it?)

The third picture is a lonely apple tree that is actually behind my next-door neighbor's property and which had had quite a few apples on it but now, I can't see them from my view here. Guess I'll have to go down and look at it "up close and personal" to see if I can garner a few apples to make some good old-fashioned homemade applesauce this fall. (Maya had been waiting and waiting for the apples to appear and then, to be ready to gather up as she had specifically requested that Gram get them and make up applesauce, just for her! When the grandkids make a request, don't we grandparents all jump on those things just to make the kids happy?)

The 4th photo -with the focus on the big old pine tree -I love seeing all the big pine cones hanging -actually it looks like they are "dripping" on the tree!

And so, there you have it -my deck and view of the backyard and the hillside beyond my backyard too.

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