Friday, September 27, 2013

Perfect Sunshine

Fall -or autumn -call it which ever suits your fancy -is officially here now. And the weather here today  was just spectacular too and should be considered to be representative of how a true fall/autumn day should be!

 Waking up this morning, initially I felt Mother Nature was kind of deliberating over whether to keep the kind of grayish, cloudy aspect going on throughout the day but by late morning, that had all passed over and the day had then opened up to a scene of perfection.

Blue skies -the really pretty shade of a light blue that is not too much on the whitish side but just right in the tint of blue and with a few pretty white clouds here and there, it made for a beautiful sight.

But, the temperatures were what grabbed -and held -me today. Once again, a view of perfection from Mother Nature for sure.

Just cool enough to be comfortable and warm enough to not need a jacket.

Okay -some would say that I've been missing that kind of weather for some time and that jackets weren't needed. Perhaps, that is true for some but I tend to freeze at the drop of a hat or a dip of the slightest on the thermometer and that's my own gauge there.

This evening, as I walked Sammy, there was just a very little trace or hint of a breeze. The sun was about ready to start the setting process but was still warm enough to enjoy the fresh air.

I'm sure there will still be many more beautiful autumn days like this one was, but considering we, none of us, knows how many more we will be blessed with, just thought I'd give some recognition that this one definitely met with my approval.

Here's hoping there's fulfillment of the promise of more sunshine, excellent temperatures to enjoy the trees and watch them as they adorn so many beautiful shades from greens to yellows, to oranges and reds.

Much as I love and welcome the arrival of spring with the bright freshness and promises it brings of new things growing, I do think perhaps autumn is my favorite season of the year.

Maybe I appreciate it much more not than ever before seeing as I, like the year, am in my own autumn season.


Maggie May said...

There is a definite Autumn feel to everything right now.
I have enjoyed this Autumn because the weather has been quite reasonable. The flowers are a blaze of glory and not many leaves have fallen because we had a late Spring. Everything is topsy turvy.
I must be in my Autumn years too! Never thought of it like that.
Well I suppose its better than Winter years!
Maggie x

Nuts in May

terri said...

We've just come through some really warm days and this weekend was the first that it really began to feel like Autumn. Here, too, it was cool in the mornings and evenings, but warmer during the daytime. Yesterday was rainy, but today there is beautiful sunshine. I could get used to this. Unfortunately, I know it will be short-lived.