Monday, September 02, 2013

Sharing Memories!

What a wonderful day it turned out to be for me today!

Labor Day -a great holiday to commemorate, for sure.

I decided this afternoon to go to an annual event here -one that's been taking place for a long, long, time now -like that past 138 years, no less.

Locals to this area will know I'm referring of course to the Cooper Picnic out at St. Severin's Church in Drifting and today was really especially nice for me to be there.

When I got out there, the first person I saw that I knew was a guy who grew up about two doors up the street from me and who, of course, I have known all my life! He's also married to a good friend of mine from my high school graduation class as well so I do get to keep in touch with him along with his wife because she usually comes to our monthly lunch get-togethers for kids from our class.

Well today, Ed was talking to two gentlemen who I didn't know but he introduced me to them as "Here's an old girl from Grassflat!" and then he proceeded to tell me these two guys were cousins of his on his Dad's side of his family. Cool! Especially so, when I learned they were actually from the Morrisdale/Munson area and that they had been students in classes my late aunt -my Dad's baby sister -had taught too years and years ago!

Do  you know how nice it is to hear someone tell you a relative of yours was their teacher and then, to go on further and state that if anyone should be nominated for sainthood, it is that particular relative? Made me feel so good to hear that they both thought that highly of my aunt, not just for her having been their teacher at some point in the past, but also because of the person she was, the way she cared for her only daughter all her life. So nice to know others knew her and saw her in the same light as did my kids, my cousins and I!

So, thanks to Eddie for introducing me to these two very nice and friendly cousins of yours! Made my day, really it did!

I didn't see all that terribly many people from my own "good old days" but those I did see and had a chance to chat with for a while, well it always nice to see old acquaintances and especially when they are old and very good friends to boot!

This evening though I got a message from Mandy and apparently today wasn't near as good a day for her at her place as mine was here for me!

Seems the kids -all four of them (her two little angels (that's a bit of sarcasm there), Maya and Kurtis and Jeff's two girls, Cassidy and Anaveh, apparently had done enough today for Mandy to take away a lot of toys and privileges from the bunch!

Poor Kurtis -and if Mandy reads this, she'll probably be saying to herself, "Poor Kurtis, my eye!" placed very highly tonight on Mandy's bad listing for sure!

Seems he managed some how or other to get into her laundry detergent down in the basement and for whatever reason, poured a whole bunch of it out and all over the basement floor!

When questioned about his actions, he told her it was because it smelled good and apparently made the basement all smell very nicely then too!

As Mandy was telling me more about this tonight when we talked on the phone, she was grumbling because she thought she had managed to get things up and in places where the kids wouldn't and couldn't be able to get into them. She was telling me too that now she's going to have to try to find someplace else to store things so they are up and away from little fingers that have way too much curiosity within themselves apparently.

When she mentioned to me that perhaps she needs to find a way to lock the stuff up to keep the nosy-rosy kids out, I suggested she might want to consider getting something like a biometric fingerprint safe as one way to outfox the kids!  After all, with something like that which would operate only if she tried to open it because it would recognize her fingerprints -and not those of the kids, ya know -that at least it would make for a very secure hiding place, wouldn't it?

Then again, that might be just a little bit overdoing things too I suppose. Definitely would take the fun out of playing detective and trying to get the truth out of three children as to which one actually was the guilty party and slopped the detergent all over the floor!

Kind of made me feel pretty good though -a little Karma maybe making its way into her life about now? Perhaps.

Although, she and I both know she didn't do anything bad like that when she was a youngun as it was always her brother, Clayton, who did thouse things!

At least, that's what Mandy had always told me then anyway!

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terri said...

I got very little sympathy from my own mother whenever I would complain about my kids' antics. I wonder if I'll do the same to my kids someday. Seems like it's one of the privileges that goes along with being a grandparent!