Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wish in One Hand....

There's something missing in my life. For openers, I wish I could put my finger on exactly what it is but I can't -not completely, anyway.

Actually, truth be told, there really are several things missing in my life and some that are about to become part of the missing things too sometime in the fairly near future, I guess. I'm not really of a mood to discuss the upcoming "missing" things as I'm too busy either trying to condition myself for when the time comes to say goodby or else I'm simply trying to ignore the facts there in hopes that by wishing really really hard, it will all go away and turn out to be just a bad dream.

Okay -in my view, a nightmare I guess would be more accurate a description. But I'm trying NOT to think of it that way.

I'd love to find a job -just about any kind of job would do except one that is fulltime as I don't think I could easily readjust to working that many hours every week right off the bat anyway.

Heck, I'm not even sure if I can handle 20-25 hours a week, of maybe 4-6 hours a day either but I'd like to find something that wouldn't be too physically demanding but rather, would utilize some of the other skills, talents and knowledge (I think I do have some knowledge in that round object that rests on my shoulders) don't 'cha know?

But what is it that I am capable of doing anyway?

Apparently nothing it would appear.

Or at least there is nothing showing in the want ads nor on any of the job sites I get e-mails from that offer anything along the lines of those "skills, talents and knowledge" words I mentioned above.

Now this is where the wishful thinking comes into play tonight.

I really wish the lady who had owned/operated the little monthly newsletter in this area would find it within her powers to start that little newsletter up again!

I loved doing various articles for her, for the newsletter! I truly loved it! It gave me something of consequence to work on, to learn all kinds of neat things about the area where I live, to delve into more and more of the local history here and also, a chance to talk to lots of different people as well!

It was utopia for me. Yes, it truly was!

Maybe I should talk to her and tell her she might be interested in looking into something like eoncode.com for web to print to see if she could see any potential to something like that to get the newsletter running and rolling off the printers once again?

I dunno if she's even still interested in trying to revitalize it again or not but I do know this much that a whole lot of locals here still ask me if there's any possibility that she might reinstate it again!

Kind of nice ya know, after 5-6 years of not writing anything that is going to be printed for more than family, friends or blogger friends to read to walk into a store or down the street and have someone ask you if you're ever going to write anything again, ya know.

Maybe the wishful thinking is just that I want my ego to get a boost?

Could be, that is the case but then again, is there really anything wrong with that?

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Maggie May said...

There must be something suitable. You've had lots of practice as a carer and understand people/children with special needs. Anything going in that line?
Your cooking skills seem excellent! What about doing something in that line?
Hoping something that appeals will turn up .
Can you get a lodger?
Maggie x

Nuts in May