Thursday, June 20, 2013

Questions -by the Miles...

Really, I should be used to some things by now, wouldn't you think?

But when it comes to the kids -my grandkids here, Kurt and Maya -nothing should be unexpected!!!

The other night, when I took Sam out for an evening walk, Kurtis went with me. Holding my hand the whole time as we walked and also, asking more questions that you could shake a stick at too.

And these were not easy questions the boy was asking me either. Frankly, they made me feel really, really stupid as I had no way to respond to him with a reasonable answer to many of his queries.

"Gram -what makes the sky the color that it is?" And dummy Gram replies with what was to be pretty much the standard answer that evening -"I don't know, Kurtis."

Then it went to questions about the clouds and the sun and where is the sun, how hot is the sun, where does this road go and why is it here? What was here before this What kind of tree is that? How do apples grow? Does this tree grow fruit?

"Can we go see the pretty rocks?" To which question I had to stop and ask him what the heck pretty rocks was he talking about anyway? Turned out the rocks he wanted to see are big stones of gravel-type, used to create a drainage ditch down from the backfill that took place a couple of years back down along the road to Peale -the local ghost town!

Along the walk, I pointed out to him some Mountain Laurel bushes like the one in front of our house except these had already begun to bloom a bit and he was fascinated by those pretty blossoms.

Today, he and Maya and I set out around 1 p.m. to take Sammy for a walk as well as to drop off a  birthday gift for my friend, Kate, who lives two doors down the road from me. Turned out that Katew as not home this afternoon though so we left her present on the porch swing and she can retrieve it when she gets home. I'm thinking maybe Jim -her husband -may have taken her out to lunch perhaps to give her an early celebration of her birthday.

After leaving her house, we headed on down the road but today, we veered off what has become my normal path and walked out to the foot of Cooper Mountain on Cooper Two Road before we turned around to come back towards home.

And the whole time we were walking, I was being bombarded with qyestion after question after question!

Don't get me wrong because I am actually very happy that both the kids are as inquisitive as they are.

But I do wish they would find some questions that Gram has a clue about how to answer them without fabricating a whopper of a story in the process!

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Maggie May said...

Thats the way they learn! It is tiring though and embarrassing when we don't know the answers.
I can remember asking my dad why the sky was blue and I don't think he answered in a way that a child could understand.
I think I would have said, because thats the way God made it.
Maggie x

Nuts in May