Saturday, June 15, 2013

Running Amuk

Okay - so last night, I finally gave in and took Sammy -the mutt -into the bathroom to give him a good, really good, scrub-down! This was something that was out of necessity not just to give him a bath to clean him up, generally, but to get rid of the stink he had about him that was so strong, if he laid anywhere near you in a given room, it provided an aroma that would have a person up and looking around all over the place for some pile of doo-doo that you were convinced he had to have deposited at some juncture!

 Phew! The smell was worse that the manure smell you get when the farmers prep their fields in the spring, ya know!

So after a couple latherings and running the shower hose on him to rinse all the suds from the flea/tick shampoo plus a dose of the odor-removing oatmeal shampoo we also have for him, he was very ready to get out of the tub.

 Jumping out, it was all I could do to grab him and throw an old beach towel over him to try to sop up some of that water he was hell-bent on shaking off all over the bathroom! Finally got him a little dried off -very little, actually but enough to turn him loose and away he went racing and chasing through the living room, dining room, kitchen, after both the cats trying to get them enticed into his big game of rip and tear around.

At one point, he hopped up on the couch and then promptly burrowed his nose under the pillows along the back of the couch so as to be able to flip each pillow off he couch and on to the floor. Both Mandy and I were cracking up watching all the acrobatics he was doing in his jumping and racing and chasing around the house to the point we were thinking another move like the backflip he seemed to be trying to do and we were going to have to invest in some kind of orthopedic dog beds for him in the very near future!

 He really is comical though to watch how he reacts when he gets a little suspicious that Mandy or I are planning on giving him a bath as he will start to sort of slink around the house, looking for a hiding place, it seems. Then, when you get him into the bathroom and have the water running in the tub, he is very calm and will follow you right to the tub and hop in and then stand there, so patient and quiet, waiting to get the ordeal over and done with!

But boy, as soon as he gets out of that tub, it must do a heck of a good job on refreshing and re-energizing him because then, he's definitely off and running, romping all over the place!

And he does provide some darned good entertainment then in the process!

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Maggie May said...

That sounded like great fun though rather strenuous! I bet the mutt felt a lot better after he was dried out and it must have made him smell a lot sweeter.
Maggie x

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