Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sweet Lola Rae!

Today, I had the fun and joy of taking the stepgranddaughter, Katie, and her little baby girl, Lola Rae, to Lola's 4-month check-up.

I apologize for not having shared very many pictures on here of my great-granddaughter, but I haven't really had much of a chance to get any pictures of her with my camera. Mandy has posted quite a few photos on her Facebook of Lola but that's because she has a camera on her cell phone and heaven knows, she definitely does not go anywhere but what she doesn't have that cell phone glued to her body someplace!

All the questions the doctor had for Katie about Lola and the markers she's at now for her age were good -no raised eyebrows by the pediatrician at all! Seems Lola has grown 3 inches and gained 3 pounds in the two months since her last check-up and the doctor said she is in the 67th percentile in terms of height for a baby her age.

The drawback to today's visit was, as it normally is with babies and these check-ups in that Lola got some shots today. Katie was semi-prepared for her to throw a royal fit, screaming, holding her breath -the whole nine yards ya know and when she put her down on the examining table, she turned to me and told me that as yet, she had never held Lola and watched them give her shots before.

The look then in Katie's eyes -well, I can understand how she felt since I've been down that road before with three babies of my own plus, with Maya and Kurtis too. I asked her if she wanted me to hold her and try to comfort her and she nodded her head that would be a good idea.

And so, there I was, holding her little wrists to try to keep her from moving around too much and thus, making the shot process a bit more painful in the process. First off, they gave her some type of oral meds that I don't recall what that was for and when they first tried to put the syringe in her mouth, she objected a bit until she got a taste of the stuff. Then, she settled right down, allowed the nurse to give her the whole thing and smacked her little lips after each little bit more hit her tongue and lips!

The shots went as can be expected with her letting out a very loud shriek almost instantaneously but as soon as they were done and Lola was picked up and cuddled, she calmed down almost immediately!

Katie was shocked as she said the last time she got shots she screamed bloody murder and also, held her breath too for what seemed to Kate to be at least 5 minutes! Pretty much a typical reaction though from little babies where injections are the plan of the day.

But anyway, when we got back to Katie's apartment, I did manage to get three snapshots of little Lola and wanted to share them with you so you can all see how adorable she really is and that way, you'll know I'm not lying to you when I write about her from time to time!

The bottom picture of these three is my favorite as I love the looks she gets on her face so often -very quizzical much of the time, she seems to be and these were all taken after she'd had the needle procedure so you can see she was a happy little camper then after all!

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