Thursday, June 06, 2013

Notes From Home....

This past Sunday I had to run up to the local grocery store to pick up a Sunday paper as well as a sandwich from the deli there for my delightful lunch.

I gathered up the items I wanted/needed to purchase and got in the checkout line. As I reached into my purse to pull out my bank card, I felt a piece of paper on the top of my wallet. I pulled it out and glanced at it and could see it was a piece of floral note paper that Mandy and I have on the computer desk here.

Turning it over, I began to read the message written there and as I read, I started to snicker. By the time I finished ready the note, I was totally cracking up laughing.

There was a note, printed by Maya -my lovely but also vain and at times, more than a bit spoiled granddaughter and this is what the note contained.

"Things I need but I will NEVER get:
Hair tyes (not plastic) (that's her spelling of "ties")
Drummer shoes
Flip Flops

I showed the note to the cashier -who, by the way, is familiar with both my grandchildren, Maya and Kurt, and she looked up at me and asked "Did your Granddaughter write that?"

I told her yes and we both then had a great chuckle over Miss Maya's requests.

The drink thing at the top of her list of things she needs but will NEVER get is because every blessed time she and her brother get in my car, within 5 minutes, if that, of the car being in motion, Maya announces that she needs a drink and will I stop and get her something to drink -meaning juice or something along those lines. And each time we go through the same conversation with me explaining to her that no, I am not going to stop and run in the store and get her a drink every darned time the car engine starts up!

The hair ties is something that I figure some kid in her class must have some kind of special hair ties and Maya absolutely has to play the "Keep up with the Jones" routine, ya know. She has a drawer full of all kinds of hair ties and sure as heck doesn't NEED more in my book. But we all do know too, don't we, that our book and items needed in a child's book, rarely -if ever -coincide!

The Drummer Shoes -now that one set both Mandy and me back a notch as neither of us know what the heck they are. That is, until I posted this little message from Maya on my Facebook and a couple folks informed me what she meant by that name -pretty much, marching shoes type things.

The flip flops though is something else that she definitely DOES NOT need any more flip flops as she has several pair already along with many, many, many other types of shoes too! This child is definitely not ever going to be in need of shoes at the rate she has them accumulated now. And I know she hasn't been visiting her aunt recently to get ideas on how many pairs of shoes the well-dressed girl/lady must own because if she were to view the accumulation Aunt Carrie has, well suffice it to say, it would only make Maya's demands much, much stronger to keep up with that set of the "Jones Family" ya know. (Her Aunt Carrie sort of obsesses too about shoes! LOL)

Anyway, we -the whole family really -have gotten a lot of laughs all this week over Maya's little note of her needs -but more so because of her saying that she will "NEVER GET!" these items! Not until she really needs them, that's for sure! And that isn't going to be anytime soon.

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