Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sunshine Fun!

Today, the kids and I were supposed to go to a big event at the local park here -a tournament of Little League ball teams from around the area along with games and some other fun activities plus, something else really important (to me, anyway), a chance to get some good foods -like Haluski and Halupki and pierogies too!

This event started at 10 a.m. and I believe it was to run until 6 p.m. However, due to some other issues here at home that I was having, we were a tad late getting there!

My day began to go slightly awry around 11:30-noonish, when we were walking the dog as I started getting severe cramps in my abdomen. This is not really unusual as it does happen from time to time but today's were exceptionally strong while I was walking. When we got home they seemed to ease up for a bit but then around 2 p.m. they started up again and until they finally let up around 3, there was no way I was going to take the kids out to the park and spend time standing there while in that kind of pain.

The kids were a bit anxious to go though because my son's girlfriend's twin boys both play on the local Little League team and the kids wanted to see them play and also, to be able to cheer them on.

I hadn't planned to go out to the park to spend all day there as I knew no matter what or how I felt, my system wouldn't have been very appreciative to me for being out for about 6 hours in the hot sun and the humidity factors ongoing today wouldn't have helped that matter. But, I hadn't figured we would be as late getting there as we were either.

If we'd arrived there even by noon, I still would have needed a good pair of costa del mar sunglasses along with a whole bunch of sunblock for the kids and myself, that's for sure!

But getting there as late as we did, we missed all the ball games that were involved in today's tournament. However, my son informed me that the team the twins play on took the championship for today! So the boys were both very happy and excited over that!

Truthfully, I think Maya and Kurt would have been a bit bored with the ball games as neither of them has clue one about the game of baseball so they wouldn't have understood much about that then.

But getting there when we did, they still had enough time to use some extra tickets that Elizabeth (my son's girlfriend) had purchased for the boys so that gave Maya and Kurtis some time then to play some of the "games of chance" that the sponsors of the event had planned. And the nice thing about that is that Kurtis won a prize while playing two of the games and Maya won a prize at playing one of the same games as Kurt has been successful with!

Here's Maya, playing the little "fishing" game. Kurtis had had a fun time playing that game too.

Here's Kurtis showing off both his prizes. He sure was proud as a little peacock that he won these little things!

And here's both of them displaying their prizes. (Maya actually won at another game but by the time she got there, many of the games had actually run out of prizes so she had to be satisfied with the one prize she got. (The twins were disappointed too when they were playing the games as they had concentrated heavily on a game that the prize was a goldfish for each game the kid won and they had their hearts set on winning enough goldfish to expand their aquarium at home but the fish supply had been taking a heavy hit and I don't know if they even got any goldfish, although they had won enough were they should have received 12 goldfish!)

So even though we got off to a very sluggish, somewhat painful start (for me anyway) and were late arriving, both kids still managed to have a very enjoyable afternoon at the Memorial Tournament today!


Dianne said...

they kids look happy and I know that makes you happy

terri said...

Sorry to hear that your Saturday got off to such a miserable start. I'm glad your stomach pains eased up and you were able to take the kids out for some fun. They just love the thought of winning prizes, don't they?