Saturday, June 01, 2013

Apples and Oranges....

Two years ago this year, we had a fun time harvesting lots and lots of apples that we found growing on three trees along the roadside where I normally walk Sammy.

The apples were really good and especially great for making homemade applesauce too! Maya and Kurt both loved the applesauce I made and that fall, I gathered loads of apples, made several batches of applesauce and froze much of it as well, so we were able to enjoy that applesauce for quite a long while that winter and into the spring of last year.

Last year though, the apple trees blossomed quite early and then, in April, we got hit hard by a late winter snow storm that managed to kill all the apple blossoms not just on those trees along the road where I walk but virtually every apple tree around here was done for then and there were no apples to be gathered then last fall!

Rats! What a disappointment that was to me and the family!

This spring, I've been watching these three tree like a hawk -following the progress as they began to blossom then praying when the weather was supposed to get colder again that it wouldn't kill the apples two years running.

Maya, who has frequently been going with me in the early evening to walk the dog, has also been paying a lot of attention to those trees too as she knows, she remembers, the good tasting applesauce I was able to make from those fruits!

As a matter of fact, the two of us have been watching them so closely that our counting skills might be on a par perhaps to do accounting work! Okay -maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration but trust me when I tell you this, we have definitely been keeping very close tabs on the potential apple crop along our road here this year!

And, as to the reference to oranges, just let me tell you this little tidbit too! I got a nice bag of naval oranges the other day and wow, they were so good and sweet, very tasty, that I went a bit haywire perhaps one night and ate three of the oranges. I don't think I'll do that again as later that night, I had really bad pains in my stomach -not in my abdomen, but in the upper area in my stomach. Took a couple hours for it to calm down and go away. But, trust me when I tell you this though, those oranges sure do make for some really good fiber content and you know how important a bit of fiber is in one's diet don't you?

Definitely keeps things moving right along!


Suldog said...

My Dad used to make homemade applesauce, and it was really good. I miss that. As for the oranges, perhaps a bit too much acidity?

Maggie May said...

Oh dear, there are a lot of things that I loved to eat too but now find I can't.
Its so annoying.
Maggie x

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