Friday, June 21, 2013

Getting Ready....

Well, things are definitely moving right along now with the Reverse Mortgage thing!

I just need now to phone the realtor in this area who will do the appraisal and then wait for that to get over and done with. After that, things should get finalized rather quickly.

Now, here's hoping the appraisal goes well! Please don't let her see all kinds of things that are part of the house (and its little quirks, ya know) that will deter from the home's value.

Wish an appraisal of one's home would be more like taking a gem someplace -like for diamond engagement rings to be given the one-over and the true value be determined somehow like that.

To me, this old house is worth way more than can ever be determined by putting a dollars and cents tag on it as it contains memories that are absolutely priceless for me.

Wish there were a way to put a value on those many, many memories and have them included in the value of the house.

I'd really be sitting pretty if that could happen, ya know!

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Travis Cody said...

Good luck with this process. My folks looked into it on their place here in Washington. They decided to sell it and move back down to Arizona instead. From their research, it would have been a great financial move for them, and they are keeping it in their back pocket for the future, if necessary.