Thursday, June 27, 2013

Crazy, Crazy and Funny Too!

This week has been more than a bit on the nutso-whacko side!

Starting with Sunday afternoon when my ex-son-in-law came down and was supposed to get the kids however, before he could do anything, he had to work on my car and repair a broken brake line! (It went out on me Saturday night as I was leaving Philipsburg and I had to drive the 12 miles to home with very little brake power on the car. But, believe it or not, I managed and didn't have to use the brakes -and then, just very sparingly, until I made the descent into Grassflat. Fun and games, ya know. No, not quite but interesting, that's for sure.

So anyway, after Bill got my car fixed with a lot of help from Kurtis -and even a little from Maya too -he then had to check our weed eater as well as our lawn mower -neither of which has been used in over 2 years!

Found the problem with the weed eater, then got the lawn mower up and running and by that time, it was going on 8 p.m.

I was so impressed with his getting the lawn mower to work -and since it is also a self-propelled and Bill told me how to make it work properly so you really don't have to push it hard or slough through really high weeds and grass, I decided to check it out by cutting some of the patches that the kid who had been doing our mowing had been missing when he did the lawn.

Major announcement here about me running the lawn mower as it was the first time in over 11 years that my hands have touched a lawn mower! How's that for avoidance of summer work?

Monday evening, the neighbor's nephew, who is now going to be our regular lawn mower person, came down to work on weed eating the ditch area and he really did a bang-up job on that! I got the lawn mower out and started working -again -on the really high patches present and got a good bit of that mowed down too. Then Mandy joined us and began raking up the grass, loading it into a wheel barrow and letting Kurtis then take the wheel barrow down to the big burn pile and dump the grass there. He was totally enjoying "working" and helping Mom and Gram and Nathan.

When Nathan left, after Mandy and I had both commended him for a job very well done, we came inside and Kurt came in the kitchen door -stopped in the middle of the kitchen and he hollered out to us "Hey! Great job, Everyone!" (We figure he probably overheard us telling Nathan that and so, decided it was an appropriate thing for him to say then too!

It's been busy here between play practice every evening in Philipsburg for 2 1/2 hours for Maya and running back and forth to get her there and picked up and the kids fed too in the process. Very hectic, for sure.

Tuesday afternoon was my day for the June luncheon with several girls from my high school class. There were five of us from my class plus one girl who graduated two years behind us and she brought her granddaughter along too. We met this month at a new restaurant here -"Six Yellow Chairs" which is located in the old K&J Coal Office out in Lanse. A very nice new addition to the area, attractive, good food and needless to say we all had a great time sharing news as well as lots of memories too of those good old days!

The weather turn crappy on us while we started to enjoy our lunch with a lot of thunder, very black skies and storm clouds and a lot of illumination too from the lightning flashes -the main thing I truly hate and cringe when we have a bad storm! Three of us had to sit and wait inside for the storm to begin to subside a bit before we could then make a dash to the parking lot to our cars and leave!

I had to then head over the mountains to State College to the Building Supply center where my older daughter's fiance works and pick up a box of ceiling tiles so that a friend of Mandy's could come down here Wednesday a.m. to fix the drop ceiling in the bathroom. It's called getting ready for the appraisal, ya know.

Wednesday morning, the excitement around here continued though.

Mandy was up around 6 a.m. to get ready to go to work and was doing a little playing on the computer when her thoughts were interrupted by a loud, crackling sound. She turned around and as she looked out the front window, she saw a big old branch from the maple tree in front of the house drifting down to the ground in the front yard!

I even have a photo of the tree branch laying in the front yard however, I can't find it on any of my photo files now on the computer! It shows up on my Kodak Easy share but not in any of the files in my Photo gallery! Go figure that one out!

Anyway, yesterday morning, Elizabeth stopped by and dropped her boys -all three of them - off here and while they were here, Kurtis surveyed the tree situation and came in to tell me that he was "Pretty sure if the family all works together, we can move that tree branch down to the burn pile!"

And with that, 7-year-old Kurtis and the 8-year-old twins -none of which are extremely big kids -took off and the three of them did drag and push the branch down and got it loaded onto the burn pile!

How's that for a show of perseverance and determination plus ambition too!

I was really proud of those three boys and the efforts that it took for them to take care of that branch.

Now, let's hope for a calmer day today!

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