Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Beginnings....

Sometime in the past week or two (can't remember exactly when because truthfully, I wanted to not think about this) Maya made an announcement here.

This is the kind of announcement that tends to strike fear into the hearts (and ears too) of almost all parents.

"Next month, we're all going to get a Recorder and learn to play them in our Music Class."

Oh my!

I was reminded by my daughter that I was the fool who on a whim actually bought both the kids each a recorder (on sale for only a buck a piece so I figured it was a great bargain, ya know).

Those recorders were also given though with instructions that the playing of said instruments would only take place in the bedrooms of each child here.

Yeah, you know how long that edict lasted, don't 'cha?

However, with the school having this as part of a class activity and also, that Maya has been -off and on -talking fondly about getting an instrument of some type and learning, seriously learning, how to play some instrument, one that she has mentioned and which there is at least at the moment, a bit of potential is a flute.

Maybe I'm just in an ultra-Christmas mood or something but I could be talked into perhaps helping with said purchase at some date in the relatively near future.

Who knows what's around the musical corner in this house, ya know

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