Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Something Missing Today...

Merry Christmas!

That's one thing that isn't missing from me today and here's hoping all my Blogger and Facebook Friends as well as other friends and family members as well all are able to say that they had a Merry Christmas today.

Ours got of to a bit of a rocky -and rather sad -start this morning.

Mandy woke up around 6 a.m. and apparently heard some suspicious sounds floating up the steps to her bedroom and so, she got up then and ventured down to check them out.

What to her eyes did appear? No, it wasn't St. Nick and 8 tiny reindeer but the residue from that crew after 2 small children had apparently got up around 5 a.m. and ventured downstairs and made short order out of opening every single package left behind under and around the tree for them!

All that without their Mom or me being able to watch their excitement, the glee in their faces, and the surprises those packages held in store as they tore into those presents and no camera to record that for posterity!

Needless to say, Mandy was very disappointed and very, very hurt by the kids actions. She had so looked forward to watching the smiles appear, the eyes twinkling with joy from see the presents Santa had left behind here. Truth be told, I was feeling very much the same way too.

Both kids had apparently done the deed and then, went back to bed because Maya was in bed with me when Mandy came into my room to raise a little cain with her about having upset that precarious applecart of wishes in Mandy's mind for a great start to Christmas Morning.

Neither of them has ever done anything like that before and after the dressing out Mandy gave them this morning, I sure do hope they never get an idea like that ever again!

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Unknown said...

I really understand the disappointment for both you and Mandy. My cousins did that once when I was a kid and I remember their Aunt saying not only did they miss out on the fun but they didn't know what was from and for who. My middle grandson, Maddux was a little under the weather and unhappy that he didn't get more toys (he opened his clothes first). But he found the pickle ornament on the tree and got the extra present, which perked him up. merry Chritmas, jeni!