Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Boring Ride!

Boy, what a day!

Overslept slightly this morning but still managed to get showered, dressed and thanks to a lovely little brush unit blow-dryer thing, got my hair to curl at least half-decently and out the door to head to an appointment I had at the hospital for oh, just another test, ya know.

I arrived there a little late -but not bad, only about 5 minutes late and the nurse was very fast to appear and take me back to the room where they mash and smash certain body parts on women!

From there, it was on to Walmart to pick up some necessities in the grocery line along with a pack of the light bulbs that burn almost forever and a print cartridge for my lovely little printer here. Why is it that printers -or at least mine anyway -always run out of ink when you need to print some relatively large file and it almost always happens very near the end of the month, hence -the end of extra money till payday to get a new cartridge?

Dang Murphy and his law anyway!

Today though as I was driving over to Clearfield, I was paying more attention I guess to getting there on time, or as closely as possible, and not paying any attention to the fact I wasn't hearing any music coming from the cassette player in my car. But on the way home, I realized that it didn't seem to be functioning right and tried to get it to work, but to no avail.

This unit in my old jeep didn't come with the jeep. Rather, it was a unit that my former son-in-law had handy and he said it was a good piece of equipment and would work fine and dandy.

And for a while part of it did work. It has a cd player, am/fm/radio and cassette player and initially, all three worked quite well. Have to give it that.

But then, the radio stopped functioning. Well, I still had the cd player and the cassette thing so I could still use it. But then, the cd player started getting hinky -one time it would work, then it would go months of not functioning and out of the blue, start working again.

Now, unfortunately, it seems to have come about to the cassette player and it won't give me any music now either! Rats! After I just had three of those little cassette holder given to me with all kinds of older music cassettes -the kind of music I like too -and now, the darned thing apparently has gone the way of the radio and the cd player too!

Part of me is very tempted to tell my dear son that a nice gift for me might just be a car stereo. It's kind of a tempting idea except that knowing him, even if he got me an inexpensive kind of unit, it would take forever to get him to install it then as he has very limited free time on his weekends and loads of other projects of his own already he needs to attend to.

And then too, I think do I really need something like that? I'm not that oriented about all kinds of gadgets and such -especially not in cars -and this car is no spring chicken either as my little jeep is only oh, about 14 years old now. But, as long as it is still running, it's what I have and what I'll keep too!

Time to play the next superbowl lottery again I guess. Maybe one of these days I'll hit it lucky and win at least a couple of bucks, maybe even a big jackpot.

Who knows?

That sure would go a long way to eliminating any boring rides though, wouldn't it?

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Suldog said...

Ugh. I so appreciate being able to play some good tunes on those occasions when I have a long drive. Here's hoping Santa (or the lottery) brings you something that helps.