Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Plows Please....

Earlier this evening -like around 6:30-7:00 p.,m., I took Sammy out for yet another walk. This time, I decided to try to make it a fruitful walk for him, and also for me. As a result of that decision, we walked up to the Moose to get a newspaper but unfortunately, all that was in the container tonight were copies of Monday's paper. I figure that the delivery guy must have gotten stuck someplace or was just having a really rough night trying to maneuver on his route -which probably services most of the backwoods little towns like this one.

I had tried, before I left the house, to clear the sidewalk in front of the place as well as a little of the parking area but realized early on in that venture that I couldn't even get the snow shovel to break through all of the snow to reach the ground or the concrete on the sidewalk.  Walking up the road with the mutt was also difficult to manipulate too as the snow plow apparently hadn't been down our road in a long, long time so I had to walk and try to stay in the tire tracks left behind by some fool out trying to drive in this crapola or just walk completely in areas with no trackage and no evidence at all of any plowing having been done today.

I was beginning to think that to get the roads, parking areas and sidewalks cleared off to actually see the pavement or ground under this snow, it is maybe going to take some kind of industrial supplies to blast the snow -and probably ice -underneath to get things a little back to whatever normal is in this part of the state for this season!

But anyway, although I was disappointed at not being able to get a copy of today's paper, it was worth the trip for the exercise for me, the relief for Sammy and for the mail I picked up on our way back home at our nice little mailbox.

The walk home went much easier for Sam and I because as we left the Moose and began our trek homeward bound, not just one but three township snow plows passed us along the way. The first one ended up being the one apparently assigned to plow our road because I followed him down in the nicely cleared and much, much easier to manipulate but still snow-covered road. Even the snow plow couldn't lower the blade far enough I guess to clear clean down to the macadam but the job he did was fine and dandy for me!

It got Sammy and me back home and both of us each still all in one piece!

And that, considering the shape the road was in when I left the house to what it was when I returned, made my walk actually end up very nice and it was quite invigorating too! (Must have been that for Sam as well because as soon as he got in the house and the leash unhooked, he was like a crazed little manic, racing and chasing all through the downstairs of the house.

His antics even brought a smile for him from Mandy as she grabbed an old piece of toweling and tried to rub the snow off him and help get him dried out a bit.


Dianne said...

I love snow when it first falls, then I think it should be kind of enough to just leave :)

Sammy sounds like an excellent walking friend

Suldog said...

Sounds like you're getting way more of a snowy storm than we are up here. Just very strong rain in Boston area, with winds up to 50mph.

terri said...

You sure got more than your share of snow! I'm glad the plows came through just in the nick of time.