Thursday, December 06, 2012

Infractions Unwanted!

Well, it appears little Kurtis has been on a bit of a roll in school lately. Sadly, it's not been a good roll though.

Our school implemented a new discipline plan last year and through this plan, kids get "infractions" when they misbehave. The punishments vary depending on the grade as well as the type of misbehavior. Only so many of one type are allowed before the punishment gets a little harsher -and if it continues, then every so many infractions, the punishment jumps too.

So far, since September, Kurtis has accrued 3 blue infraction sheets for bad behavior -ranging from failure to follow directives to pushing other kids, invading personal space, exhibitionism, spitting, and the like.

When he came home from school this past Friday, I asked him how his day went and he was all excited and happy as he told me "Really good!"

His tone and words had me really happy and excited then too till I opened his backpack and saw in ther the tell-tale light blue colored sheet of paper that indicated he had received yet another infraction!

What now?

This time apparently his day went to pot just after lunch when, for no apparent reason (not that there should be a reason that could excuse this behavior) he had spit in the face of a little girl in his class, plus failure to follow directives and the day before, had been mooning kids in the bathroom too!

What on earth is going through this child's mind anyway?

When Miss Dawn arrived here that afternoon, we spent a long, long time talking to him, questioning him as to why he did these things. Each time we asked him about these actions, his response was that he hadn't made "Good Choices."

No lie there, Kurtis, that's for sure!

Over the weekend, I had written to a very good friend of mine from our high school days and told her about these developments with him in school. She had written back to me that one of her grandsons had a similar problem when he was in first grade too. She said he was then diagnosed as ADHD and put on medication which helped him immensely and she suggested then that we might want to see about getting some meds for Kurtis too.

I mentioned this then to Mandy and she said, much as she had hoped to avoid going that route with him, it does look like that might have to be the next step to try to help him.

He definitely does have attention deficit issues and he also does a lot of things that are very evident of the hyper stuff too. I know from my own experiences how it feels at times when so many things seem to be zooming around in one's mind simultaneously just how difficult it can be to sort through these ideas and such and make some sense of stuff and that's as an adult. Imagine how difficult it has to be for a little child to try to sift through thought after thought and determine if it should be acted on or ignored.

Pretty much a mind boggling task right there I would think.

Mandy is going to talk to some of the boy's therapists and doctors too about getting some type of meds to hopefully, help him.

He's doing quite well in school with respect to his reading and math -especially with the math as he loves that class -so I really hope that if he gets a bit of extra help along the way, it will make him a great student and pretty much Unstoppable in the advances he could make then!

Say a prayer or two if you are so inclined to aid him through this rough spot in his young life. Sure would appreciate any help in that respect!


Maggie May said...

Oh dear. Poor lad. He does so well most of the time.
Hoping that he gets the right advice/treatment/therapy/ That is my prayer for him.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

terri said...

Kurtis has my prayers. You've written so much about your grandkids that I feel like I know them. And I've got a soft spot for Kurtis.

Suldog said...

I've said a prayer for guidance in best handling things. I think schools nowadays tend to tighten the screws on behavior a bit more than they need to, but a couple of the things do seem to need attention.

CiCi said...

Sometimes meds can aid in changing behavior and the meds don't necessarily have to be forever. Thank goodness we do have meds these days. I so hope the correct types and dosage are found quickly and that your wonderful grandson can have a better experience in school.

Mrs4444 said...

Will do! Also, since he obviously has issues, the usual system of infractions isn't working. I recommend (if he has an IEP) asking "Alternative system of discipline" be written into his IEP and finding a different way to help address his behaviors, maybe something positive that reinforces expected behaviors, for example.

I can't help but notice that this post was written in paragraphs; I'm curious about that, given your usual style. I appreciate this--It just makes it easier to read. So, what gives? As I said, I'm curious...