Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nice Words...

If you remember, one of my recent posts was about our church service last Sunday when the speaker who was supposed to be there, for whatever reason, didn't show up and a man who is a long-time member of the congregation agreed to lead the congregation in the liturgical part of the service and a neighbor of mine's grandson offered to deliver an "off the cuff" sermon too.

Both guys did an excellent job -considering neither was prepared to do that, at all!

After the fact of my post though, as I was reading posts in my very over-populated reader, I saw a comment by a reader of one of my favorite blogs - Older Eyes - had written in a comment to him about another post of his that at that reader's church last Sunday, the text for the day was based on Psalms 30, verse 5 -which dealt almost exactly with the message our young man spoke about in his unplanned sermon! What a pleasant surprise to see that and how nicely it acknowledged then too his ability in addressing a topic.

Also, since I'm referring any of you who haven't ever heard of the Blog -Older Eyes and the author of it -"Bud" -please check out his writings as he posts some really, really thoughtful and very informative posts.

And, while I'm at it, I want to thank him in my words here today for the comments he left on my last couple of posts too -especially the ones in which I mentioned the problems with our society and our mental health care system in the wake of the the Newtown tragedy.

So good, so comforting too, to learn I'm not alone in my heartbreak and dismay over the total situation that has been brought upon us on Friday morning, December 13th.

Please, for the sake of who knows how many others, pray that the government, the insurance companies and the mental health community all begin to work together to find ways to help those who are in dire need of medication, hospitalization if necessary or perhaps, in some instances, just counseling.

The lives that can be saved through much needed changes in this process could very easily be yours, a family member's, a friends or countless others unknown to each of us but who otherwise would languish and could possibly even lash out on society in yet more tragic events than we've already seen.

And, in my opinion -hopefully yours too -Lord knows that we've all seen way more than enough of these things!

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