Sunday, December 16, 2012

Special Attire Needed!

A while back, I found this really neat pattern to crochet cute little hats. They are the kind that pull down over your ears, keep your head warm, your ears and you can roll the brim in the back but leave it flat in the front. I made some that I donated for door prizes at my Class Reunion and then, used some red, white and green mixed yarn to make one of these just for me to wear when I have to venture out in the cold to take Sammy for his walks over the coming (fast approaching, really) winter months.

However, as nice and comfy and warm as this hat is, it leaves a lot to be desired with the type of weather we seem to be having most of the time here.

Which is to say it's been raining --a lot! Like almost every day, or so it does seem to me anyway.

Sammy doesn't really care for walking in the rain although he has no objections to walking in freshly deposited snow. I'm pretty much the same way.

I have decided I need a different hat to wear when we are forced to go out in the rain.

I found just the site too where I can get one with a nifty large brim that the rain water could hit and then very neatly just flow off the hat and eliminate the need for me to carry an umbrella then.

What kind of hat might this be, you ask?

Well, let me just show you a Jim-dandy one I found among a bunch of other Womens Cowboy Hats shown at the very top of the page here.

Now, be honest and tell me, don't you think this would work to keep the rain well-directed and away from me?

And wouldn't Sammy and I look just the fine pair, strutting our stuff down the street?

Well, maybe it would be a good idea but at a much lower price range to suit my budget.

So much then for the best laid plans of mice men, ya know.


Suldog said...

Afraid I'm not seeing the hat, Jeni. Am I missing something?

Debo Blue said...

Can't see the link to the hat. And being that I'm in Phoenix, a cowgirl hat will ALWAYS work to shield rain.

Something else to consider--a sombrero! Think how distinctive you'd look then girlfriend. Ole!!

Maggie May said...

I was hoping for a photo of the hat!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Debo Blue said...

Found the link now that you changed the background. Nifty hat!

Logophile said...

hang on, I want to see hat you knitted!
Being a beginning knitter myself I am interested in these sorts of things, though I have far more rain than snow in these parts.