Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snowy Day. VERY!

We've been getting reports for the past couple of days about this big winter storm that was to be heading this way and today, well trust me, it's now here!

 Lock. Stock. and Barrel!

It started to snow here roughly around 11 a.m. -while Mandy was out and about, in town to run to the bank, pick up milk and probably a couple other small grocery items as well. Good to be fairly well stocked up on food and most of the time, we usually do stay pretty well prepared. Milk though is one commodity that does tend to get depleted fairly fast.

It's now almost 4 p.m. so after roughly five hours or so of this fine snow, sometimes feeling a bit mist-like, sometimes sounding -and feeling too -that there might just happen to be a few ice crystals or sleet mixed in with the snow and I'd guestimate that we already have 4 inches now or very darned close to that amount since 11 a.m.

The snow falling this quickly was enough to alert Miss Dawn, Kurt's TSS, that maybe she would call it a day here a bit earlier than she was scheduled to do in order to get home safely and not go slip-sliding away down the mountain to her home. Mandy told her to call or text us when she did finally get home so that we would know she made and and when she did text us, she said it had taken her an hour and 25 minutes to make the trip, in her jeep, which amounts to about a 30-35 mile drive, give or take a little. So for her to have it take her that long to get home, you can bet your bottom dollar the roads are already treacherous!

I went out into the snow about 2 hours ago on an errand of mercy with Sammy. Figured it would be better for me to try to get him out for a little walk now instead of putting it off much longer. (Will still have to take him for another romp in the snow sometime this evening now too and that, I'm not looking forward to, for sure!) When we came back in the house and I took his leash off him, he bolted off like a streak of lightning -running around the house like a half-crazed little mutt -which he is -but give him a dabble of snow and he really gets excited and races and chases all over the place. Even came out into my room as I was taking my boots off and hopped up onto my bed.

Thankfully, I don't have any fancy-schmancy spread atop my bed and certainly there is nothing even remotely resembling a velvet coverlet, for sure! (Hey, with a dog (even as small as Sam is) plus at least 2, sometimes a 3rd cat often sharing my bed, I'd be crazy to invest in a sumptuous type of spread or comforter, wouldn't I?)

Of course, Mandy could always invest in something really nice like that and use it for a good while and then, when it's been "broke in" ya know, she could pass it on to me as a well-worn object that no small animal friends need worry then about ruining it!

That would work for me, anyway.

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