Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Out and About

So -as happens here every day now -I finally got my self awake enough to venture out for the first walk of the day with Sammy. That was about 2 p.m. when I did that. Yes, it took me several hours to get up the energy level to want to take him out in the cold for the much-needed stroll.

Surprisingly enough though, it wasn't as cold outside as I had feared it might be. Thank goodness for that small favor, for sure!

We got a pretty covering of snow from last evening through the night and morning hours to make the place look whiter and brighter and very pretty. When Sam and I took our walk, it was sort of misty -a very, very fine mixture of snow and a dabble of rain -just enough to provide a touch of moisture but nothing accumulating from it -at least not today or not yet, anyway!

I had bundled up -a lot -to prepare for this outing with a tee shirt, covered by a heavy sweat shirt, warm sweat pants, boots to wade through any accumulation or guide me across any possible slippery spots, a nice, thick warm scarf around my neck, my heavy, hooded with fur trim winter jacket and knit gloves that will extend clear up to the elbow too!

I got to thinking as we walked though that as mild as the temps were today, if I'd had in my possessions a patagonia vest type item, I probably could have gotten away without having had to bundle up as much as I did!

But, unfortunately, I don't happen to have anything like that in my closet so I was left with no real choice in the matter. Go outside being just a tad overdressed for the weather or omit some of the heavy clothing and run the risk of freezing myself -even though it was, as I said above, actually quite mild.

For my part, I much prefer to being out in the elements with a bit of extra apparel on and staying warm.

How about you?

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