Saturday, July 21, 2012

What's a Vacation?

Boy, I've been running around here like a chicken with my head cut off lately. All kinds of projects and more cropping up almost daily -or so it seems some days!

I have definitely decided that I need a vacation though. Technically speaking, one does generally have to have a job to get a vacation don't you so I guess that's why I can't take one of those va-ca things any more.

Not that back in my "working" days/years I got to take much in the way of a vacation because things like that were far and few between.

But you know what, I'm thinking I really do need, really do deserve one and I'm thinking something like some Sunset beach nc real estate would really do the trick for me. Well it looks good and it sounds good, even though it is, for sure, just going to have to be a virtual vacation for me!

Gonna have to go play that old lottery again and again, some more!

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