Sunday, July 22, 2012

What's Next?

It does seem that with every passing day the news just get worse and worse -especially around this area.

And after eight months of all this stuff, you'd think I'd have become accustomed -or inured -to the bad stuff, but you know what, it hurts just as much today as it did back in November with the charges and then the firings, followed by a diagnosis, death and now, the statue is removed.

Tomorrow, the NCAA is supposed to announce their punishment too of my dear old Alma Mater and by the sounds of things, that's going to really be a spike driven into the backbone of a whole lot of people -not those actually responsible for all this mess though.

If the predictions coming out tonight so far about the NCAA and the ramifications that could be in store for the student athletes, for openers and also, for the many people who have businesses in the area and who rely on those football games to make a little profit or even to just break even for the year, as well as for many people who are employed by the university and lots of other places -well it definitely ain't gonna help the economic structure of the area, that's for darned sure!

They may as well take out Beaver Stadium and put in this kind of college press box to replace the ultra large, fancy one that was installed there a couple years ago because there will be no need whatsoever for the one there now as there will be no media reporting anything there!

Yeah, I know -probably shouldn't say that but punishing those who had no pony in this race, is just as wrong, overall, as is what happened over the past two decades too.

And I'm tired, disgusted, depressed and overall, just sick of this whole blasted mess!

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