Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Done Deal!

Things are finally beginning to settle down -I think so anyway -with some of the things that have been going on of late with the women's group I belong to! Boy, do I ever hope things are calming down!

A decision was finally reached. A purchase was made. And, in two weeks from today, we will have a brand-spanking new refrigerator installed in the kitchen at our church!

At least now with this new piece of equipment -and certainly one would hope for the price we paid plus, that we are also purchasing a 4-year extended warranty for the unit too, one would hope that will keep us from having to worry about it falling apart much less that we might ever have to consider buying appliance parts online then for it!

We were supposed to have an event this coming weekend when the little village where our church is located has their community yard sale but sadly, that fell through this year! Normally, we have set up a canopy and some card tables and chairs and sold hot dogs, cookies and sodas or water to people patronizing the many yard sales on this particular weekend. But this year, not enough people signed up to donate food -or time either to help get everything set up and to run the hot dog and drink sales.  So, as a result, we decided we would have to cancel this for this year.

Actually, there have been so many other activities going on around here that have my mind in a dither much of the time -between Maya and her play that she was in this past weekend and all the running around to get meals finished earlier in the day so she could then be driven in to Philipsburg for her practices, then the play itself and well, so many other things on my mind too what with my upcoming class reunion and such, I'm a bit relieved that this was cancelled for this year!

At least this way, if we want to do anything on Saturday -like go roam around and visit some of the various yard sales -maybe find some good bargains in the process too -we'll be able to do that!

We do still have a big event coming up the end of July, beginning of August though and that's Vacation Bible School so for that week, it will be hectic here for me to get the kids both up and dressed and run them out to church and then, work in the kitchen to help get the lunch our women's group serves the kids who attend VBS, then get the kitchen cleaned up and ready to roll for the next day's classes -and of course, again lunch!

Expect me to be ready to fall over in a big crumpled up heap of flab by August 4th, folks!


Maggie May said...

You do sound as though you are going to be busy round your way! I would be in a crumpled heap before I started.
I thought I'd come to the wrong blog when I saw all this blood red background!!!!!!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Suldog said...

Sorry to hear about the yard sale falling through. Those can be great fun, and raise some decent cash. Glad to hear about the new refrigerator, though! That's good news!

terri said...

Glad to hear things have settled down some with the women's group. Sounds like you have some busy weeks ahead and the last thing you'll need is more stress on top of all that's going on.