Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bonfire In the Works

It has been a very frustrating night here for me. From trying to change browsers, to trying to figure out how to convert an attachment sent to me in my e-mail and then, removing those things from my computer because I couldn't seem to get them to work properly -and generally getting very, very frustrated in the process, it's left me with the thought of wishing I could just take those stupid apps or programs or files -or whatever they are -and just toss them out the back of the  house and into the nifty little thing behind our deck -our fire pit.

This is a not too big area that my 2nd ex-son-in-law named Bill, who technically is still my son-in-law but through no fault of my daughter's as she's been trying for the better part of a year now to make it that he is officially my second-ex-son-in-law named Bill! Never thought it could be as much of a pain in the dupa as this has turned out to be too! (Mainly because he hasn't signed ALL the paperwork involved and by this stage of the game, probably hasn't even a clue as to where he put all the paperwork involved too!

Just makes a person want to scream ARRGH, doesn't it -along with a whole lot of really obnoxious cuss words too.

Besides this lovely thing he built specifically for burning papers and wood and that could be used to sit by it and warm one's self too on a summer night that maybe hasa teensy bit of a chill to it (unlike the summer nights we've had here recently which would do anything BUT give one a bit of a chill should  not be confused with a much larger area, further down in the back yard where we burn other stuff that we need to eliminate!

Sadly, I know of no way to get these things that frustrated the living daylights out of me for about the past 3 hours now -maybe longer -to the pit just beyond the deck and make sure they are finally disposed of for once and for all!

Yeah -just a bit of wishful thinking there.

But maybe tomorrow evening, provided it isn't raining, we can have a little bonfire in the pit and maybe even make a couple of little kids happy as they get a chance to toast some marshmallows over that blaze there then!

I'd be happy just to have that much of a thrill from burning a couple old newspapers then!


terri said...

Sounds like you could use a beer along with a nice relaxing bonfire to ease those frustrations!

Dianne said...

I love bonfires
they're cleansing :)