Saturday, July 21, 2012

Speed is What I Need!

Ever hear that old expression, "The faster I try to go, the more behind I get?"

Well, if you hadn't heard it before, you're hearing it now. And that really does seem to describe my life, my days, much of the time.

Why is it that everytime I think I'm gonna get this or that taken care of, accomplished, finished, whatever, I end up more behind, dragging up the rear?

Right now, I need to get a little note typed up and into the mail to those of my classmates who do not have a computer, don't have e-mail if they do have a computer (or won't admit to having access to one) or if they do have e-mail, they have all kinds of fancy-schmancy filters built in that if I were to send this message to them at their e-mail account, they would never receive it because it would go into one of those doggone filters!

Listen up, people! I'm operating on a time table here and trying to get stuff set up and organized for our class reunion and you're really making my life even more difficult by doing that to me!

I thought maybe if I could get a tune-up on my computer and speed up my pc that might help the situation but as I see it now, that wouldn't bring me any relief in the end anyway.

Although, it might be better overall for my computer time and usage if I did look into doing that.

Nah! Not right now anyway because -well to be honest -I don't have time (or the funds either) to do that!

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