Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Looking Things Over

Yeah, that's what I've been doing lately -looking things over. Where to go, what to do from here.

The past weekend was pretty much a total zoo here. The play -"The Aristocats" that Maya was in was this past Friday and Saturday night. I was able to go see it Saturday night and we took Kurtis to see it too. This was a bit worrisome at first since we weren't sure how he might react but thankfully, all went quite well during the play.

Of course, as soon as we got into the auditorium, he got a lecture on what he was going to have to do -how he would have to behave, ya know. Almost sounded a bit like the lecture both kids often get when we sit down to eat a meal and one or both of 'em will start complaining that they don't want this, don't like that and so forth. All that generally gets them is someone will tell them to "Sit down, shut up and EAT!" And that was just about what he was told at the play -that he would have to sit down, be quiet, no talking, no fidgeting, no crying, no whining -just sit down, be quiet and watch what happens on the stage!

And surprisingly enough, for the 40 minutes the play too from start to finish, he pretty much obeyed and did that! It was only when we started to leave, trying to get out of the auditorium and into a very packed lobby, that he went into a sensory overload and was about to let fly with a meltdown. Even then though, his mother got him by the arm and managed to weave and bob about in the mix of people milling about and got him outside where she sat him down alongside of the school and then, he let rip with the meltdown and crying.

So, all things considered there, I thought it was a pretty successful event then!

The drawback though was that I was so absorbed trying to watch the play and listen to the songs, catch the dialogue (which for me was often a bit hard to hear but maybe by the time there is another play, I'll have actually had to purchase those Belltones my kids keep telling me I need, and who knows, maybe I'll be able to hear that stuff a little better then. Better start saving my pennies now for one of those contraptions, I guess. Anyway, because of my trying to watch and hear, I forgot that I had my camera with me -matter of fact I had it dangling by the strap on my right wrist like a nifty piece of great jewelry, ya know.  And I didn't get but one chance, really, to use the darned camera!

Maya was a bit upset that I only got one picture -but heck, my little digital camera from where we were seated, just wouldn't focus well enough to get a shot of her. That is, not until the finale and then, as all the kids ended up in that number, all lined up across the entire stage, singing "Everybody wants to be a cat" I managed to get the close-up thing jacked up as high as it would go and panned across all the kids on the stage and that way, got a little shot of Maya where you can actually see her!

(She's the one standing sort of beside, sort of behind a girl a little taller than her who is wearing an orange shirt and blue shorts and that's Maya there, singing her little heart out and wearing the bright lime green shirt!)

I have to say that I did very much enjoy the kids and their performance as they did a great job and definitely was a lot of fun to watch them!

Wonder what the drama groups around here will do next?

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terri said...

Sounds like a fun play! I'm glad Kurtis was able to enjoy the whole thing before his meltdown set in. You got some great video of the kids!