Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pretty Posies?

I envy so many of my friends and neighbors and blogger friends too, many who have gorgeous floral gardens around their homes and often have beautiful house plants as well.

Growing flowers is not something on my list of things I do well! Most definitely not! If anything, instead of having the proverbial green thumb (like my Grandfather had with all the different types of flowers and especially rose bushes too) to ply the soil in the itty-bitty flower beds still existing in front of my house that my Grandfather, then my Mom too, used to have filled with flowers of many types every year!

My Grandma was a flower lover too but her skills were generally applied to the many house plants she always had. There was always a big indoor wooden box that sat out in what was our sunporch when I was a kid and in it would be various lovely plants ranging from ivy to snake plants, to beautiful, large African Violets among others.

In the 30 plus years since I moved into this old house, I have had one house plant that managed somehow to survive and even thrive for a while under the loving care of my "Black Thumb!"

Generally speaking -and I think I have confessed up to this at some point or two -maybe more -in the past, but a plant that entered my house to live here was usually loving nursed till it died from my very unskilled nursing!

If I were to try to have some house plant -or heaven forbid -the plural -plants -in this place I would have to find some kind of plants that thrive on very infrequent care and extremely little watering!

If there's some horticulturist around who specializes in supply of succulents delivered nationwide that might be the answer to my lack of gardening skills.

Of course, I'd also have to figure out where on earth I could possibly even put even just one pretty little flower inside my house as every available space is pretty much currently in use!

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