Saturday, July 21, 2012

Very Well Hidden!

Boy, what a day! From about 10 a.m. Friday morning until almost 10 p.m. tonight, a very important part of our family here was missing in action!

Who was missing? Not so much who, but what was missing! It was the cats -Pearl, who is a little over a year old now and Tavia, the kitten that is supposed to be moving to live with my older daughter but somehow, I kind of think she'll probably end up living here!

But in the meantime, when I realized that both the grown cat and the kitten could not be accounted for, I was more than a little bit upset about this.

I hunted all over the house -upstairs, downstairs, basement -no cats. Went outside and looked all around the house, down to the garden and beyond that and still no trace of either, much less both of them!

We figured that they had both escaped via the window in my bedroom because that room, being on the first floor and Mandy had just put in a window fan there about 2 weeks ago which doesn't fit clear across the area of the window opening, thus leaving a corner section of the screen exposed and the cats being, well cats, ya know, had discovered the other day that the screen in that corner wasn't fitting tightly either so, one good push and they could have gotten out and taken off.

That's what we figured anyway.

Well it was about 9:30 or close to that, when Mandy -who was out in the kitchen -made a comment to the effect that Tavia, the kitten had just appeared there from out of no where. Considering that it rained here -off and on -the bulk of the day so even if it wasn't raining, the grass was continually wet -she was shocked to discover when she picked the kitten up that she was perfectly dry!

Hmmm. Now how'd she manage that if she was -supposedly -outside all day?

Well while we were still pondering that question, around 10 p.m., Pearl the grown cat then suddenly appeared -again, out of no where, ya know! And she too was bone dry!

Now the big mystery is where in blazes were these two fur balls hiding then for all that long a period of time?

Be darned if I know cause I sure didn't see them when I was virtually tearing the house apart, moving what furniture I could move and trying to think of other areas that would provide a good hiding place for a cat and a kitten!

Little escape artists are now back and probably right now are dreaming up their plan of attack for where they can hide, inside, and drive Grammy nuts!

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