Monday, July 23, 2012

Pending Visitor...

Next week -on Thursday, August 2nd to be precise, we will have a visitor coming here for a couple of days.

The kids -my kids that is -are all very much looking forward to this visitor and his stay, although it is only going to amount to 4 or 5 days.

Their Dad is flying in next Thursday from Nevada to see them and the grandkids -first time he's been back here I think in 4 years -or maybe it is 5 years -after that much lapse of time, I forget when he was last here.

Clate, his girlfriend and her three little boys and Mandy (along with, I believe her boyfriend) are planning a nice little getaway and going to take Dad down to Carlisle, PA for a big car show going on there next week. Now, cars -of virtually any type -and a big car show like this one is, well that's an adventure that will definitely be right up their Dad's as well as Mandy and Clate's alleys!

Yes, you could say my kids are car happy or rather addicted is a better term maybe -to cars. But they come by that very honestly as that's exactly how their Dad is too!

Maya and Kurtis don't have not been bitten, not as yet anyway, by that kind of car "bug."

And even though Mandy asked me if I wanted to go along with them to this, I told her there were a whole lot of other things I could think of that she could use in the gifts for parents -at least where THIS parent is concerned. Definitely I would be most appreciative of oh, some strawberries and say, a little chocolate too!

So, instead I will stay home with the two younger grandkids and pray for a peaceful two days and one night here alone with them!

With things the way Mandy and Clate have things planned out, this means I will only have to cook two meals then for their Dad!

Blessings in everything, aren't there?


terri said...

How exciting for your kids to have a visit from their dad!

If it's been four or five years since his last visit, I'm guessing Maya and Kurt probably don't remember him. I'll bet they're excited for a visit from Grandpa!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your (hopefully) quiet time. My brother-in-law has the car bug, too. For most of his life, he's had a toy ... and older collectable like a Vette or MG ... in his garage. I always like his cars but not enough to go out an buy one. Getting a decent buy on an old car takes work and I'm not willing to do it.