Monday, June 04, 2012

Trial and Error

It will be two years the end of July (next month) since my last surgery -a hysterectomy -which led to the discovery then that I had cancer again. That time it was uterine cancer -something which came as a bit of a surprise to my surgeon since that wasn't the reason for the hysterectomy to begin with!

But, be that as it may, it also led to my having to have chemotherapy again too.

The chemo I had both times actually -by chemo standards -was relatively easy to deal with for me. I was fortunate in that neither time the medications didn't make me deathly ill as it so often does to others dealing with this disease and for that, I am eternally grateful too, believe you me!

However, this last go-round with the chemo did leave me with some other problems -one of which is a blood sugar count that went rather radical while I was getting the chemo treatments and this then caused the oncologist and my primarily care physician to prescribe metformin -a drug normally administered to diabetics -and thus began my saga -and problems -of trying to deal with these darned blood sugar tests daily and getting that count down to a number that is acceptable to my primary care doctor!

She wants my counts to average around 95-100 and for well over a year, it was running pretty much in that range most of the time. But lately -well, at least since January of this year -my counts have been all over the place from a few lows in the high 80s to a couple of times -only maybe 3 or 4 times -that they went over 150!

My doctor also wants me to get my cholesterol levels lowered too so I've also now been taking some pill for that and I'm supposed to be watching my food intake -cutting back on the fatty-type items.

Oh yeah! Well, good luck with that!

In addition to the blood sugar meds and the cholesterol meds, and the high blood pressure meds too -can't forget that, can we -I'm also supposed to be trying to lose weight and exercising as well!

The blood sugar thing drives me a bit bonkers with the erratic numbers that yields to me. The diet thing -well, the main thrust of that is for me to cut back, really, really, cut back on the amount of carbohydrates I consume. And that's a task that is darned near impossible here without my cooking two separate meals -one for just me and something else -high carbohydrate type stuff -for the rest of the family. That just isn't going to happen though as I don't mind cooking -usually -but to fix two separate meals? No way!

I may just have to resort to looking at some apidextra reviews in an effort to at least get the weight down a little bit -or get it started to drop some at any rate. I had lost, as of two years ago, a little over 30 pounds but now, I've gained close to twenty of those pounds back and all this irregularity with the blood sugar, trying to eliminate or drastically reduce the amount of carb intake, and exercising, just isn't cutting it to lose weight or to even maintain the weight I was at with the lost 30 pounds!

There are a couple of words that register in the "dirty word" department of my vocabulary. One is snow and another is diet!

I tend to dislike both of them immensely -but more so the diet thing.

If the weather ever decides what season it's going to be here -winter, spring and now, hopefully some day soon, summer -maybe that will entice me to walking the mutt longer distances and more frequently, which is the only way I can foresee my introducing a little more exercise -and one which helped me to lose the weight 2 years ago too -of walking!

We shall see which way the wind blows on this stuff I suppose!

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Suldog said...

Well, best of luck on all counts. I'm currently in a phase of alternating between ham & cheese sandwiches on rye and gigantic bowls of cornflakes (that is, when I'm not eating peanut butter and crackers) so you won't be getting any diet tips from me, I'm afraid.