Monday, June 04, 2012

Shocking Scare!

The other day I had a bit of fear instilled in me when I was getting dressed. No, it didn't involve looking in the mirror either -although that's something that gives me a bit of a shock every time I do that.

Nope. I couldn't see!

And why was that?

Well, because for some odd reason or other I couldn't find my prescription eyeglasses!

Actually, I could find one pair but not the ones I normally wear. The last time I got new eyeglasses -two years ago this coming December -instead of purchasing just one pair, I signed up for the big sales deal ya know -buy one pair and get the second pair at half price. It sounded like a good deal to me and that way, if anything ever happened to one pair of glasses, I would then have a reserve pair to use. I really do need that type of insurance for myself because I am darned near blind as a bat without them and definitely would eliminate my ability to drive, for sure, if I didn't have the glasses!

Well, I hunted and I hunted -and I knew I had taken them off and put them on the dresser beside my bed when I had turned in the night before, but somehow or other, they must have grown legs and decided to go on vacation and travel around the house -or who knows where.

The hunt went on here for my glasses for a good two days though and then I finally found 'em!

Thank goodness!

They were where I had thought I had put them -on the dresser, all right -except that Miss Maya had accidentally put something over them  which hid them from me completely! It wasn't anything she did as a deliberate move -just that she moved a little book of hers that was also sharing dresser space with my stuff and the way it was positioned, the glasses were underneath a page and completely out-of-sight.

And with my vision, putting things out-of-sight is not exactly a difficult task to start!


Suldog said...

I always thought it was funny how people couldn't see to find their glasses, until I got glasses and couldn't find them. Now I make sure to always put them in a place where I know they'll be, and where I know I won't sit on them and break them (did that, once), and where nobody else will trod on them.

Sandi McBride said...

being nearly sightless is no fun, but on the upside there's no surprises in the mirror!

Maggie May said...

You are lucky that you managed without them for 2 days. I would've been feeling my way around & definitely wouldn't have managed to do anything.... so short sighted am I.
Maggie X

Nuts in May