Thursday, June 14, 2012

Entrepreneurs, Fruitatarians and Gennelmans?

Some of the things that go on in this house with these two grandchildren sure do make my life really interesting!

Food and which ones the grandkids will actually eat are often a subject of discussion here. Sometimes, the discussion comes via the kids themselves though -not always from me or from their mother.

Take the other day when we had been trying to talk Maya and Kurt into just taking a little taste of some kind of fruits. They were both really adamant about being unwilling to do that. Seated around the dining room table, they were sort of discussing what they will or won't eat with little Ryan, Clate's girlfriend's little guy, who is quite the opposite of Maya and Kurt where fruit is concerned.

Ryan, you see, LOVES just about any kind of fresh fruit! As a matter of fact, for his birthday, his Mom made him a "cake" of different kinds of fruits (mostly tropical types) on spears and arranged that like a big centerpiece of freshly cut-up fruits and he had a field day with those things.

Upon learning from Ryan that he really likes almost all fruits, Maya decided that if people who just eat vegetables are called Vegetarians, then Ryam must be a "Fruititarian". Makes darned good sense to me!

Then last evening Maya decided she wants to have a sleepover or slumber party so she made up her own invitation to give out to those she wants to attend. Check this out for a new way to fund one's activities!

Pretty slick way to acquire money, don't 'cha think?

Wednesday evening, Maya had play practice and Mandy had been called in to work for four hours this evening so that left just Kurtis and me to fix supper for and I decided the heck with cooking. We made a little trip up to Brothers' Shop and had our evening meal there -a great Cheese Steak Hoagie for me and chicken tenders and french fries for him.

As we pulled away from home enroute to the restaurant, he wanted to know where we were going, so I told him, and he announced then and there to me what he wanted to have to eat tonight. Then he began to question me as to what we would do after we ate and got back home. I told him we could watch tv, read, he could play in his room, get ready for bed and maybe even play a bit on the computer too.

The mention of letting him play on the computer was something that really appealed to him but then I told him that would happen ONLY if he ate his food and if he behaved at the restaurant.

Upon hearing there might be qualifiers he had to do in order to get and keep some computer time, he then asked me if he "Has a be a gennelman?" (Translation: I have to be a gentleman?")

Needless to say, I really loved that comment from him and when I finally quit laughing about that, I told him "Yes, if you are a gentleman, you can play on the computer!"

All in all, it's been a lot of laughs here lately -just the kind of thing I really do enjoy!

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terri said...

Those kids sure do come up with some cute ideas and sayings! I suspect life would be a little bit boring and too quiet without them!