Friday, June 08, 2012

A New Title?

Well, the news is now out to the general public as I saw it "announced" on Facebook so guess it's safe now for me to mention it here too.

The post I did the other day about the young friend of ours who is single and pregnant just so happens to be my step-granddaughter! So I guess that means that I'm finally catching up with a couple of my high school friends and will be a Great-Grandma oh, in about 7-8 months from now!

I guess it's also safe to say that as some things will being to expand over the next several months, there will be no call to look into getting myoripped, will there?

And, come to think of it, Katie has a pretty good grip on the weight/diet stuff anyway from back when she was in majorettes. She did very well then on watching her food intake, not eating a bunch of junk foods and also, with safe and sane exercising too. If she follows the same methodology now and after too, she'd do just fine and dandy!

Judging by a post she put up on Facebook, it sounds like some of her acquaintances -I won't say friends because friends will walk beside you and be there for moral support through thick and thin -must have made some disparaging comments about Kate's being pregnant and not married being the ruination of her life. And, thankfully, she knows that isn't necessarily the truth of the matter! And, I know that for a fact too!

It could be that if she allows it to be that way. But, with just a bit of planning here and there, it can also be something that will definitely make her stronger, more determined and learn to seek out the help she will need to get out in front of the negatives and push them back at each and every turn along the way.

I didn't say it will be easy because, regardless of one's circumstances,becoming a parent is NOT easy! It is one of the most difficult tasks the world has to offer but it can also be one of the most gratifying things and also, loads and loads of fun along the way!

So, just a reminder to Miss Kate that if she needs something and if she thinks Mandy or I can help, all she needs to do is ask. That doesn't automatically mean we'll be able to help with everything and anything, but just that if we can, we'll be there!

And happy to do so too!

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