Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Transporting Goods

Okay, let's get realistic here.

Recently -like yesterday's "recently" -we learned a very close friend, unmarried, is in the family way and we all know, don't we, that means getting all kinds of equipment plus clothes (and tons of diapers too) and such, to have for the arrival of that blessed event. (And yes, it is -regardless of the circumstances -a very blessed event or at least the birth of all babies should be considered to be that in my mind anyway!)

So, trust me when I tell you this, Mandy and I will both be doing a lot of surfing lots and lots of websites looking for things one needs to have for a new baby.

Here's something I found today -just what every mother should have for sure -an UppAbaby stroller. This item looks pretty doggone nice, for sure -sturdy, convenient, comfy-cozy -all those things.

However -and isn't there always a "however" to life though -with a price tag such as this one carries, I don't see it in the cards to be a mode of transportation for this little one that will be coming along in the near future!

Unless of course, Mandy -with her prowess in shopping at all the used furniture/clothing/Goodwill Stores in a three-county area and combing yard sales galore this summer -who knows but she might just come across one of these after all!

It could happen, ya know!

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