Monday, April 30, 2012

What I Really Need!

I'm sure you remember by now that I am really engrossed in a lot of things right now -things that require a lot of discussion and planning. The church program coming up this coming weekend is calming down a good bit so not as much in the way of planning, discussions and/or phone calls needed there. Just a whole lot of energy gonna be needed over the weekend as I've got cooking and baking, plus set ups in the kitchen and that kind of stuff I'll have to do. The physical things that by Sunday night will probably have me barely able to walk but as long as it all goes as smoothly as possible, I'll be happy there.

But my class reunion -now that's a horse of a different color for sure!

I've got the girls in my class who, along with me and a couple of the guys are busy trying to get kinks ironed out as soon as possible all the while trying to figure out what to do for door prizes, entertainment, getting a sound system set up, producing some kind of play list of hit songs, oldies ya know, from the early 60s to have to play at the reunion and who knows what else.

Between phone calls to this one or that one, e-mails, facebook posts and getting together too, face to face, to discuss all this stuff, I think what we really need is a set up whereby we can just do some web conferencing!

To me, that sounds like a darned good solution however, two of the girls working on this planning thing with me absolutely hate messing in any way, shape or form with computers so I guess we can rule that out as a plan of attack then can't we?

Oh well. I'd much rather meet them over a nice lunch anyway!


Sandee said...

I hope your weekend goes very nicely. I'm sure it will.

Have a terrific day. :)

terri said...

Yes, a web conference might make things so much easier, but you're right. Meeting the old fashioned way is much more rewarding.

Dianne said...

maybe you can convince the two to alternate between lunch and web

or conference calling?

I love how you throw yourself into things

Hope sends hugs
me too

Suldog said...

Class reunion? Not my thing, by any means. I've never gone to one, nor do I imagine any way that I would find it worth my while. I wasn't much of a popular guy, and I don't think there are more than two or three folks who would even remember me. I was way shy. I only got over my shyness after my school days, for the most part.