Monday, April 02, 2012

What Brought This Up?

Boy, sometimes the things that these kids mention or ask about really do make a person wonder why they are asking this stuff or what ever gave them the idea to ask the questions they come up with!

This evening -which I might add was going relatively smoothly too -for some reason or other Maya was asking all kinds of questions. Things that were coming at us totally out of the blue too, ya know.

She was questioning Mandy about things that happened to Mandy before Maya was born -back when Mandy was pregnant with her. So Mandy was telling her about how she came to know that she was going to have a baby girl -which she originally had specified to her doctor that she didn't want to know that information but rather wanted to be surprised. However, the week before Maya was born, Mandy had taken a tumble down the stairs and the doctor recommended she come in to the emergency room and allow the staff then to do a sonogram and some other tests, etc., just to make sure everything was okay.

Mandy had to explain a bit to her about a sonogram and that stuff but as interested as Maya was in this topic and learning bits and pieces about medical tests and equipment, it would not have surprised me in the least if she'd asked Mandy if they had used a fetal doppler on her! 

Sometimes, our conversations here are the kind where you say something, hold your breath and kind of wait for the other shoe to fall because heaven only knows what they are going to ask about next.

Saturday though, while having supper here with son, Clate and his girlfriend, Elizabeth present too, out of the blue, Maya asks me this: "Gram, when you were borned, how many states were there?"

Yeah, the laughter around the table over that question went on for a good long time too, it did! Mandy posted it on her Facebook which brought a few lovely wise cracks, among them, a comment from my cousin, Larry, who wanted to know if I told her the answer was "Zero!"

Sheesh! How darned old do I want this kid to think I am anyway?

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