Friday, April 06, 2012

Little Renovations

Last Saturday was the big removal day for everything that's been residing in our attic for the past 20 plus years! It all had to come out -and either be pitched as garbage, burned or temporarily stored elsewhere in the house because we're scheduled to get additional insulation put in the attic sometime in the next 2-3 weeks or so.

What a job -and what a mess too -that was!

A lot of stuff did make its way to Goodwill -mainly all kinds of odds and ends dishes and stuff like that along with some clothes and toys that the kids no longer can use. So not everything found its way to the trash or burn pile.

Two things that are still here with us though are of the chair variety. One is an old, old wooden kitchen-type chair that the seat in it was half broken out but the chair itself is nice and also pretty sturdy. Mandy's ex-husband happened to be here that day visiting the kids and he ended up helping Mandy with the attic cleaning and it was his opinion that we could still make good use of that chair simply by removing the old seat and having a new seat put in there. Now, I'm wondering if he is going to volunteer his time and knowledge and fix that chair for us too? There's a possibility, huh?

The other chair though was a surprise find to me and I had no idea that this was hiding in the attic! But it seems somehow a swivel chair -of the office variety -had made its way to the attic but the back on it was damaged although the seat part was still in very good shape. The "son-in-law" checked it against the office chair I've been using at my computer desk and ascertained that the back from the current chair would fit easily on the frame of the chair in the attic and so, he switched them out and now, I have a slightly new (to me), semi-used, desk chair! (The seat in my old chair was very worn and the padding was falling apart so now, this one has a nice, attractive seat to it and who cares that the back of the chair is a dark grey tweed and the seat is a solid black color! The chair works and that's all that matters to me!)

Just a darned good thing that neither of these chairs were leather though because I don't think leather restoration is something that the former son-in-law has any knowledge about doing!

The only problem I have with this new-to-me desk chair though is that it's just a trifle tricky if you lean back a bit in it and tends to tilt or give you the feeling it's going to upend itself with you sitting in it!

Wonder what needs to be done to correct that?


Maggie May said...

Its amazing what can be lurking in the attic! You sound as though you've done a really good job! Must get on with mine.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Dianne said...

I love getting rid of things, it's my new obcession ever since I cleared out the basement

the tilt can probably be adjusted at the base of the chair

Happy Easter to you and all the family

Suldog said...

Just dropping by to wish you (well, more of a 'hope you had a', at this point) Happy Easter! I've been slack in visiting my good friends, of which you are certainly one. Sorry about that!

Jocelyn said...

I now eagerly await the blog post in which you've done a backwards somersault out of that chair!