Friday, April 06, 2012

Watch the Wardrobe....

Today -April 6th -is a big day within my family.

It's time to celebrate yet another birthday -this time, my older daughter's. We won't go into details here as to how hold (or young) she is but suffice it to say that yes, she is sure getting old and fast! She'll just love me for saying that!

I've mentioned earlier this week here about how darned forgetful -senile, many would say -I am these days but did I also mention that last Sunday when she was here for dinner and I had baked a cake (angel food) and had fresh sliced strawberries to put on the cake (as well as some yummy vanilla bean ice cream to go with it) that I had also forgotten though to give her the little birthday present I had here for her? Yeah, forgot all about that aspect, I did!

We've got another birthday coming up next Friday too as Kurtis will celebrate his 6th birthday then on the 13th -so I'd better get as much of this forgetfulness and these stinky little senility factors sorted out and do it soon too!

Kurt's been doing a whole lot of planning for his big day for quite sometime now though as every commercial he sees on TV for something he likes (which is most everything in the toy department, of course) and every visit to any store that has any toys, and he's been telling anyone who will listen what items he is going to get for his birthday. Apparently he hasn't received the news flash yet that Mom and Grammy didn't win the Mega Millions Lottery last week!

Speaking of gifts though, I saw something that I wish I'd seen earlier and could then have ordered older daughter's present from Discount Scrubs as I see they have a scrub top available in the Autism puzzle print! Now, that would have made for a really nice gift for my daughter since she works at a local hospital and this month is also Autism Awareness month.

Guess I'll just have to pay more attention to all this stuff going on around me, won't I?

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