Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Putting Meat On!

One thing I DON'T have -unfortunately -is a problem gaining weight! Far from it as it is the reverse and for the past several months, has been creeping up on me, little by little. Part of it stems from the fact that until recently I wasn't walking Sammy regularly and I do believe those walks did help me trim a few pounds about 2 years ago and also, to then keep that little bit of a loss off then too.

But another part of my problem is also that yes, I do like to eat! Not just eat because it is a necessity but because I enjoy it too! I blame some of the weight too on the fact that I can't prepare a lot of things that would be lower calories because of the grandkids and the fact they are more than a bit snooty at times about foods. However, I have to confess there too that while they love pastas and it's is one of the food types they generally will eat -and with gusto too -I also am a big lover of pasta anything as well and carbs equal calories and calories (especially without enough exercise) equals fat! Pure and simple as that, huh?

One thing though that does bother me a good bit pertaining to weight and such is my son and how poorly I know he eats since he is on the road and barely has enough time to manage a pit stop for a quick bite. He says he eats enough and is fine but I'd be willing to bet a dollar to donuts that what he eats are generally of the junk foods categories -chips and such, occasionally a piece of pizza.

Granted, he is tall and naturally thin -doesn't have an inclination towards putting weight on (like his Dad, that way) but still I worry that he isn't getting the proper nutrition he should have. Although he is slim, that doesn't mean he doesn't have muscles though so at least I'm not going to be worried about him trying to either lose weight (fat chance) or getting into taking stuff in order to build-up muscles. So it is doubtful I'll ever have to get him to understand the side effects of myoripped.

I know not all products that fall in that category are necessarily bad or harmful however, they can be, especially if they are not used correctly.

And who needs any more problems than life already gives us!


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