Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Still Freezing!

Boy, what a conundrum!

Here it is, beautiful weather -sunny, bright, nice temperatures too again after a bit of a cold snap last week -and wouldn't you just know it but I am still having issues where I feel as if I am freezing!

Although over the winter months, which were compared to many winters here, very mild, because Mandy was trying to keep our fuel usage at the dullest roar possible, I was constantly freezing and kept myself wrapped almost all the time with a warm blanket draped over my legs and shoulders too. Frequently I would have days when I just couldn't get warm and stay warm no matter what I did.

But, Mandy was thinking with the nice weather seeming to have arrived that those issues of mine would now be a thing of the past season except that unfortunately, I'm still having those same problems -still!

Yesterday was one of those days when my toes, fingers and even my nose felt like ice cubes! And that, when the sun was shining so nice and the outdoor temps were in the 60s, should not have been the case, but it was.

I was beginning to think I'd have to be getting some Big Agnes sleeping bags to get thawed out and stay unfrozen!

I don't know how our fuel usage for the past winter measures up to previous years of fuel consumption but near as I can calculate, we've used less than 500 gallons from September through the end of March. Going to have to contact our fuel supplier to get some usage figures and make comparisons though and then, since we will be having more insulation put in the attic this month, maybe next year we'll see a change -hopefully a drop -in that consumption.

Or at least a way to keep the heat in the house so I won't constantly be feeling like a big old popsicle!


Maggie May said...

It really has gone just like Winter again here .... after a few weeks of Summer weather.
Quite a shock to the system, to say nothing of all the flora & fauna living out in the gardens.
I have never felt warm since chemo. Do you think that has something to do with it?
Maggie X

Nuts in May

CiCi said...

Trying to keep the bill down for the furnace use, I too wrapped in warmer clothing and thick socks this winter. It helped as my bills were lots less. My gauge is my nose. Not smelling but if my sinuses started bothering me breathing in cold air I needed it warmer in here.

Travis Cody said...

I looked at the forecast for the weekend and this morning it said maybe 70 for a high. Then I checked this afternoon and the projected high was 64.

It's gonna warm up one of these days!