Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Down The Road...

The past week has been full of all kinds of things -from problems that got resolved to new problems to funny things the kids have done and said and also, to watching my little spec of the world come to life once again.

This past Sunday -of course -was Palm Sunday and we celebrated it at our church with a beautiful service that even included the congregation entering the sanctuary carrying palms and singing the processional hymn as we walked towards the altar and then turned to head back and take our seats in or near the pews we normally sit in. The funny thing about this processional is that before the start of the service, the minister for that day was inquiring of a good friend and neighbor as to the way we normally handle the procession, the distribution of the palms, etc. My friend couldn't remember how we usually did that so she called over to me and asked if I remembered what or how we handled this.

Now, she really should have known better than to ask me something like this because all too frequently these days, she knows, my memory has often become toast! And that's exactly what it was Sunday morning on that topic.

The Pastor giggled a bit and asked if there was anyone else nearby who might recollect our procedures and my friend noticed another lady -who is super involved in anything and everything at our church -and she said she figured if anyone would know, it would be her.

I laughed then and joking with the Pastor said "Yeah.  Ask the one who is 80-years-old to get information on past services!" And yes, that woman knew the answers to the Pastor's questions alright which got us all to laughing a bit more then about the situation because my friend is a mere 75 and here I am, the youngest of the group, at 67 and neither of us could remember how we'd done that in the past!

What made it a bit funnier -to me -though was that the day before Palm Sunday had been my friend's birthday and Sunday, April 1st, was her husband's birthday. Two occasions which I have always remembered and always get some cards for each of them. Well, almost always that is. Because later that morning after the service was ended, my daughter asked me if I'd forgotten someone's birthday. I looked at her questioningly and asked what she was talking about. All she had to do then was say "Uh, Mom. March 31st and April 1st?" And it hit me! I had forgotten both of their birthdays! Boy, the memory is really going down the tubes and at a really fast rate of speed too!

Since I had to go to the store for the Sunday paper, I lucked out and found two cards -one for each of them -and got them but didn't get them delivered to them until Monday when I had Mandy drop them off when she left to run into town for some stuff. Better late than never, for sure, huh?

Normally, I have the cards for these two purchased either in January or at least by the end of February and I stash them in the china closet here so that when the time comes around then I can't find where exactly I hid them in that place! But this year --the fact that their birthdays were nearing never once crossed my mind and even over the weekend, it sure as heck never surfaced for me then either.

Oh well. Guess more absentmindedness is the upcoming thing on my personal agenda, isn't it?

Last week though, I had meant to write about something I'd noticed a week ago Sunday as I was on my way out to church that morning. Along the one road in particular between my home and our church, there were trees that had begun to show their colors and leaves, even buds and were so pretty. I thought then about after church, going home and grabbing my camera and coming back out to get some photos of them but of course, don't you just know it, I forgot about doing that too!

But it's something that I've been watching a lot lately -the way so many of the trees are developing again -a sure sign that spring is here and before we know it, they'll all be in full arrays of leaves or blossoms galore, I'm sure! Hopefully sometime this week I'll remember when I take Sammy for our walk of the day, to get the camera and take a few pictures of those scenes.

Now, this week, the kids are all excited because they won't have school on Thursday or Friday and that also, come Sunday, they're positive that there will be Easter baskets filled with candy and other little things for them too. That is, after church and after we attend the Easter Breakfast too at church! Which should be an interesting meal I think considering we serve egg casseroles, fruit salad and sweet rolls so I can see it now that all these kids will eat at that breakfast is gonna be a little bit of a sweet roll!

Kurtis refuses completely to eat eggs and Maya will turn her nose up at the casseroles too because they have potatoes in 'em! Sheesh! I hope these two hurry up and outgrow this picky business with the foods cause at times, it really gets very frustrating!

This past Sunday, my older daughter came up Sunday afternoon to pick up Alex -her son (the older grandson) and I had cooked a nice roast beef dinner with oven-roasted new potatoes in the broth from the meat along with carrots and a special treat for dessert -angel food cake with strawberries and ice cream! The cake was for my daughter's birthday which will be this Friday but she will have to work that day and all weekend too and won't be able to get up here for her "birthday meal" so we had it a bit early. Then, when she left, don't you know but I forgot to give her the birthday present I have for her too!

Anyone have any suggestions of anything a person can do or take, perhaps, that helps keep the memory from evaporating?

If I don't figure out something that will help me remember things better it's going to be a long, hard journey then down that road ahead, isn't it?

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