Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Time to Plan for Winter!

This past winter, when I started walking with Sammy, there were a lot of days that I wanted to walk with him but the weather was just really prohibitive. There were also some really cold, snowy and blowy days that I did still venture out with him too, but you can bet your bottom dollar I made those walks not all that often and they tended to be barely a mile, round-trip too.

And now, even in the summer months, when it gets rainy and cold from time to time, I dread encountering days like that because it really knocks my walking exercise back a good bit.

So, I've been thinking about something -just kind of investigating it somewhat at the moment -to see if I can get something that would replace the outdoor walks and still give perhaps the same benefit to me.

I've been thinking about investigating treadmills!

I haven't priced any as yet -just thinking first where the heck would I put one if I were to get one as space in this place is a bit limited! Too doggone many toys scattered all about for openers and then, where could I store it when I'm not using it too is another issue I have to think about before actually looking into the possibility of getting one.

Anyone here have one and if so, how much do you use it and does it give the kind of results too I've been getting from the walks outdoors with Sammy?

I know it won't give me the same results -won't be near as much fun, no interesting sights to be seen that I can take pictures of then either.

But I do think I will have to look into something to use as a compensation type thing for those days when I can't get outside and walk or days when I just don't want to do that because of other problems -like being stuck inside with the kids as I don't relish trying to walk the dog and keep tabs on a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old all at the same time!

And I really don't want to lose the benefits I've seen since I started this walking program either.

Ah, decisions, decisions, ya know.


Travis Cody said...

My folks have a treadmill and my mom enjoys that as an alternative on questionable weather days. There is a shelf where she can put a book, or she can watch TV while she walks.

She likes the TV option because she often ends up walking for an hour...she gets involved in the program and forgets she's exercising!

Berni said...

I borrowed a treadmill a few years ago but just couldn't get into it. Instead I made myself walk up and down inside the house and that worked for me.

terri said...

I never bought a treadmill for the same reasons you worry about. They can be very expensive, they take up a lot of space and I've got nowhere to put one, and it gets boring after a while and I'm afraid I wouldn't use it.

My parents have had one for years. It rarely gets used. I have used it now and then, but it's so noisy and I always worry I'm disturbing whatever it is my parents might be doing.

However, all that being said, I had the same problem with winter weather and not being able to run outside. So when a gym opened up very close to home, I took advantage of a membership offer that was too good to pass up. Using the treadmill at the gym seems a little less boring than using one all alone at home.

So, there's my two cents!

fermicat said...

Noooooo, don't even mention winter! As hot as it is here (and we are having a heat wave), I prefer it to the frigid cold of winter.