Thursday, June 03, 2010

A Lovely Picnic

The other night -Tuesday, to be precise -our church women's group (WELCA -Women of the Lutheran Church of America) had a picnic supper for our regular June meeting.

We held it at the home of one of our members and invited the women of another group from a church about 15 miles from ours to attend so we would have an opportunity to get better acquainted with each other's group.

And I wish I had taken some pictures of the deck on the house belonging to the lady from our group to show you. (What hurts is that I had my camera with me, in my purse, but the conversation -and meal -was so nice, flowed so well, that I forgot all about having the darned camera with me! How dumb was that anyway!)

Anyway, this lady's home is an old, two story house -kind of on the lines of a big old farmhouse -and she had a deck built on to her front porch a few years back that connects to her front porch -which is quite large -and then, it goes along one whole side of the house and extends almost the whole way across the back of the house too.

She has all kinds of very pretty outdoor furniture on this huge wrap-around porch/deck -from rattan to a hanging swing, to a swing with a canopy, various other chairs and a fantastic large picnic table she had specially made by a local contractor of an extremely hard, very durable plastic that the manufacturer told her would withstand any type of elements the weather in these parts might deliver to us!

And while the furnishings were very pretty, quite pleasant and comfortable -very homey, actually -and the food we had was fantastic too -the best part of visiting at her home was the view from the back portion of her deck.

It overlooks her very large backyard which has a large pond about in the middle of the yard and also, from her deck, you can see woods and the lane that goes up a slight hill behind the pond and leads to the home of one of her nephews as well as being able to see the big old neighboring farm house that her second daughter purchased a few years ago and has done major renovations to that property too.

All of this -the deck, the furnishing, the food, the company we had joining us and this spectacular view -made for a really fantastic get-together for all of us.

(Sometime in the future, I'll have to remember to get some pictures at least of the backyard and that pond there to prove to you how lovely a setting we were privy to that evening.)

I think everyone there at this event left with the same sentiments as I had too -and we're all wondering if we can convince her to have our monthly meetings at her house, on that deck -at least over the summer.

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